Hard Luck

Hard Luck

88 days before his scheduled release from a state mental hospital Lucky O'Donnell returned home on the journey of a lifetime.

88 days before his scheduled release from a state mental hospital Lucky O'Donnell returned home on the journey of a lifetime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antonio T (fr) wrote: Una comedia con el clsico tema de "perder la virginidad", pero con un giro ms original y bien hecho, todos los personajes son geniales y los toques noventeros le dan un plus. Podr tornarse monotona en ocasiones, pero es una pelcula con un humor "raunchy" (estilo Super Bad o Knocked Up) que es garanta de risas.

Zaana G (it) wrote: this movie is so amazing

Brandon S (gb) wrote: It feels like those classic escapist historical thrillers, ala "The Dirty Dozen" or "The Great Escape". Tack on Bryan Singer's fully realized direction and a slew of great performances and you get a movie that's much better than it needs to be. A really fantastic movie!

David H (au) wrote: giving it 1/2 a star and considering it the worst movie ever doesn't mean i didn't enjoy watching it.

Mohammad A (mx) wrote: Raises old questions, could be an interesting watch depending on where you stand on the issue.

Will L (fr) wrote: Now this, THIS is a Punisher movie! Sure it's far from perfect, and perhaps borrows a bit too much from 1989's 'Batman', but it does the source material justice. Its style is reminiscent of 70's grindhouse movies, and Ray Stevenson makes for a great Frank Castle. It's a superhero/slasher hybrid that gives us the best Punisher yet. (To be fair, though, that isn't saying much.)

Jordan B (jp) wrote: This film is and incredible visual accomplishment. An entire movie in one continuous take? Amazing.

(kr) wrote: Comedy Horror with a Final Destination Actor

Mike V (mx) wrote: A classic musical with unforgettable characters and songs. My favourite film of 1964. AAW. 1001

Jake S (es) wrote: An underrated comedy with a lot of good one liners. I really enjoyed this film and thought Baruchel and Eve gave a good perfomance. Baruchel, Ritter and Miller however are who truly make the film with their sarcasm and blunt quips. Only negative point is that its plot is very obvious and guessable but that is to be expected with this type of film. A true guilty pleasure.

Leslie G (us) wrote: Loved it! It made laugh out loud by about 2 minutes in.

Karsh D (us) wrote: recognised as the first Ealing comedy, centres around a group of youths who discover a criminal gang directing their operations through a magazine. Police laugh it off at first but the young lads are unrepentent in their efforts to bring those responsible to justice.Although the film is enjoyable it's the images of post war london that will linger in the memory the most

Jude P (mx) wrote: What a beautiful memento.