Hard Luck

Hard Luck

Two converging story lines involving corrupt cops ripping off drug dealers and serial killers are followed as former drug dealer Lucky, trying to go straight after doing a prison stint, ...

The film centers on Lucky an ex-con makes an important decision to hold a gangster's birthday. He back into a dangerous game between him and a team of dirty cops which leads to unexpected circumstance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt E (us) wrote: Really bad idea to make a follow up to the much-loved Blues Brothers. Only the concert at the end gets this film any rating at all.

Russ M (kr) wrote: Classic 60's movie. A must see for everyone!

Daniel K (gb) wrote: 1.5: I can't say I was terribly impressed. I suppose it would have been more interesting for me if I was more familiar with Cassavetes work, but I've probably read more about him than anything. I can see why he was attracted to this sort of project. It's definitely made in a new Hollywood style, apart from the fact that it is an Italian production with similarities to Spaghetti Westerns, not the least of which is the Morricone score. This score is almost certainly the highlight of the film. Cassavetes performance, and his character, is a bit confusing. I could never really get a read on what the hell he was thinking. I think this is probably because he was mentally unstable. It certainly doesn't have an old Hollywood ending, but it is an incredibly far cry from the artistry of Bonnie & Clyde, which I'm sure it was meant to emulate after a fashion. It was interesting how everything was just slightly off, from the performances to the casting to the style to the music to the clothes, etc, etc; despite filming in the United States, the Italians just couldn't take the Italian out of it. This wasn't a negative, but it didn't help the film rise out of its mediocrity either.

dan u (gb) wrote: Quite heart-breaking. But sadly, thats war.

Ric M (fr) wrote: Not too sure about the RT "miscast stars' header. I found the casting fine. I admit I expected a twist, but not the one that I got. With a few directorial flourishes and development it may have been prime viewing, but I nevertheless enjoyed t from start to finish.

Michael R (nl) wrote: Cheeseballs, But I Liked It....

Kalli S (jp) wrote: Very funny and charming movie. My grandpa introduced this to me at a very young age. And it's become one of my all time favorites