Hard Target

Hard Target

When a woman's father goes missing, she enlist a local to aid in her search. The pair soon discover that her father has died at the hands of a wealthy sportsman who hunts homeless men as a form of recreation.

Natasha Binder hires Chance, a very hard drifter as her guide through New Orleans in search of her father, who has gone missing. They discover a deadly game of cat and mouse behind his disappearance in the process. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zdravko P (us) wrote: I wait for Edward Norton movies the way kids wait for their first shots "What the fuck is gonna happen? Is it gonna suck" Jon Voight's character reminded me of my dad who's always on the bottle not his fault though his mother is really at fault she gave him a bottle when he was a baby. I guess he just never gave it up. Colin Farrell is awesome and so is Edward Norton but it wasn't that great cause Colin Farrells secret wasn't that great I dunno nothing about this movie did anything for me, maybe I should see it again.

Rand N (br) wrote: This movie proved to be a hidden jewel. It is actually hidden in a parking garage. I'll think twice before ever going to one again (parking garage -- not movies). This movie blurs the distinction between good and evil. Most of the characters were rather bland and we'll probably not see them again. I expect to see Eddie arise to strike another day.

Riccardo R (jp) wrote: Certamente Austin Powers un personaggio originale e molto divertente.Per il film nel suo complesso non mi ha entusiasmato pi di tanto anche se ci sono state tante occasioni di ilarit.Max Myers davvero poliedrico.

Ted W (kr) wrote: I love the book and love the movie!! It's a sad story and a classic! Love it and no spoilers!

bill s (gb) wrote: Bridges can sure eat up some film when he wants too and add in Walter Hill and you have a home......well let's call it a sharp single.

Andrew O (nl) wrote: An exceptionally clever and wonderfully stylish treat, Gremlins is a film that works as pure entertainment on nearly every level, with black humor, hysterical horror, and a disdain for all things often respected, it's rare to see such a commercial film take such wonderful risks.

Russ B (jp) wrote: 11/12/2016: A really nice true story family film with an excellent cast.

Jon N (ag) wrote: switching over to Netflix to watch it on my phone