A Southern Belle must work in a gambling house to pay off her father's debts, which drove him to suicide. She then meets a man who sweeps her off her feet and takes her away from it all.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1929
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:melodrama,  

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Hardboiled torrent reviews

Tina S (kr) wrote: Chicks with guns, don't mess with them

Armand D (jp) wrote: An agonizing attempt in revisiting a Jap-classic.

Bryan S (ru) wrote: Shines a new light on otherwise monotonous jobs, but otherwise poorly portrayed and relatively boring.

Mitchell W (ag) wrote: I prefer the Stones when they were dangerous.

Tommy C (es) wrote: no that looks really gay!

Nicholas A (ru) wrote: "You kicked him and stomped on his head....I heard it crunch...*sobs* and we'd only gone there so he could show me how to play Intergalactic Ram Raiders"

scott g (es) wrote: good to see ally sheedy, i havent seen her in years, a interesting role for her, although story is dull at times, and doesent really go anywhere, its worth a watch

Kevin R (mx) wrote: She seems to be upset.A lounge singer sets off a terrible string of events as she pursues a better life. Her talent agent is mistaken as her lover leading to her gangster past being out for him. Meanwhile, she hooks up with another of the manager's clients which sets his life off in another direction. "If anything happens to that car I'll be furious?!?!"Woody Allen, director of Manhattan, Midnight in Paris, Love and Death, Shadows and Fog, Radio Days, Bananas, Small Time Crooks, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Zelig, and Annie Hall, delivers Broadway Danny Rose. The storyline for this picture was entertaining but frustrating and annoying at times. The acting was solid and the cast includes Mia Farrow, Milton Berle, and Nick Apollo Forte."What about my one legged tap dancer?"I found this on cable and decided to DVR it. This is one of the Allen films that focuses on his dry brand of humor rather than his great character pieces. This was okay and a nice addition to the genre. The characters were worth following. This isn't an Allen classic but its worth watching."If that's what you want we'll do it."Grade: C+

Rahul S (ca) wrote: This is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen and a classic!!!

Nicole B (kr) wrote: Liked it until the ending.

Ray J (es) wrote: Probably one of their most disappointing efforts. This one lacked the humor that there later movies had.

Andres G (ag) wrote: pretty good except the whole development of raas al ghoul its pretty stupid. he was months or even years training with him and he never figured out he was the boss not the cliche chinese guy? he is supposed to be the best detective ever...

(jp) wrote: This was a decent movie, it was funny, predictable, intensifying, and kind of light hearted at times, overall it does come together and pursues.

Audric B (de) wrote: I mean I've watched some dogs in my life, but this, this right here is the worst MA film ever. It is way over the top bad. Like really, a mid-air vertebrae twist to end the final bad guy???? C'mon man. Not to mention standing on his head before that with a full camera spin only to jump back down to attack him. Hot Garbage.

Rich D (br) wrote: I've seen several critics' reviews stating that Emelie was gaining the kids' trust in the first 1/3 of the movie. Why? She destroys it in the second. What's the point of 2/3 of the movie aside from wasting time? It was well acted and I was genuinely uncomfortable at times but that's a gigantic plot hole. She could've just drugged them five minutes after she arrived, kidnapped her "cubby" and been gone before the parents were done with the appetizer. Sure, that wouldn't have made for a very interesting movie but at least it would've been believable. I'd like to see this ensemble with a different script.