Hardboiled Egg

Hardboiled Egg

The story of Piero, from when he was a kid to fatherhood, over the background of the town of Livorno (Leghorn) Tuscany, where the director Virzì was born.

The story of Piero, from when he was a kid to fatherhood, over the background of the town of Livorno (Leghorn) Tuscany, where the director Virzì was born. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob S (ru) wrote: Every time Werner Herzog releases a documentary it gets these glowing reviews and I feel like I need to give him another shot and every time I regret it. Herzog is a terrible documentarian. His fictional films, on the other hand, can be brilliant. But my god, these documentaries are bloated, disorganized, poorly filmed studies of obsessives by an obsessive. This one is particularly bad. You get the impression Herzog one day had the epiphany, "Ah, ze technologies are important. My next film shall be on ze topic of ze technologies." And he never narrowed it down any further than that. Sorry Werner, but the internet is too big a topic for one documentary. This film jumps from the birth of the internet to MOOCs on Udacity to some kind of self-driving car rally. Any one of these is topic enough for a documentary. Linking them together as just "stuff the internet can do" doesn't make for a coherent viewing experience. Then we get some dude who seems to have made some game wherein people online fold RNA molecules in different ways. We are given the broad sense that this has some real world consequences and that it is valuable crowd-sourcing, but how is never made clear. Write another script, Werner.

Megan M (ca) wrote: I was almost sad to begin the movie after 12 minutes of communing with the menu screen; that song is damn catchy. Go Jemaine and Bret! An inspired homage to kung fu movies, and to overlooked islands in the Pacific, for that matter. The story is economically developed, the action sequences are fun (some of those ninjas are girls!), and the musical numbers are to die for. Highly recommend, especially for ready-fans of FotC and the kung fu genre.

Cha t (kr) wrote: Every man's dream. One man - two georgeous women, rampant sex !!!

Eliabeth O (br) wrote: It all comes together!

Michael A (it) wrote: This is a great fun movie if you don't take it serious

Ben G (ca) wrote: An absolute classic from Truffaut. The story, acting, shots are all superb. Highly recommended!!

Omer N (us) wrote: Really sad to be forced to hide your identity because of fears! watch this movie and realize how people suffer that time and certainly many are still suffering all over the world when would all people be able to live peacefully and in love overcoming their variations??

Cody C (ru) wrote: Not really my cup of tea, but not bad. John Wayne is good in it and the color and light in a lot of the scenes are just gorgeous. I'm just not big on Ford thus far in my Ford dealings. More of an Anthony Mann man, man.