A conservative Midwest businessman ventures into the sordid underworld of pornography in California to look for his runaway teenage daughter who is making porno films in the porno pits of Los Angeles.

The story takes place on a film set in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is about a minister-Jake Van Dorn whose daughter Kristen is lost. Because of loving her, he hires a private investigator and uncovers that his daughter is forced to become a porn actress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colson V (jp) wrote: Please God, make these parody movies stop!

Charllie O (it) wrote: Totally loved this movie

Michael S (mx) wrote: It's beautifully, hauntingly, eerily, perfectly, shot and scored, but the story and overall monotone nature (while probably intentional), just ends up wearing you down by the end of the film. It's unrelentingly bleak in nature, slow paced, with long takes. It's not at all for casual audience, but if you like weighty parables, look no further. I definitely don't think the movie compares with Tarr's earlier work, particular Harmonies, which I maintain is his masterpiece. This is supposedly Tarr's last film, and in some ways it would be a fitting end. I just wish he made something a bit more engaging.

Matt B (br) wrote: For a film like "Mademoiselle Chambon" to work, I have to believe that the characters have a deep inner life that elevates them above the drab scenery of the film itself. (When he wasn't pulling out his bag of editing tricks in something like "Persona", Ingmar Bergman could pull this off exquisitely.)Since "Mademoiselle Chambon" isn't convincing of its characters inner turmoil, you are left with an hour and forty minutes of pregnant pauses, odd stares, and an decidedly drab color palette. Honestly, one of the most boring, unfulfilling cinema experiences I've ever had.

Clarice C (nl) wrote: Joan Cusack is a GENiUS!!!!

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Matt Dillon is at his best as Bukowski.

Beth J (br) wrote: Starts out great--but falls apart and gets kind of silly once Charlie embarks on his dream in a certain big box store (can't much more without spoilers). And I have to say, Evan Rachel Wood has become one of my favorite actresses.

Jally J (ru) wrote: how rasist can you get....not a single white person in the movie

Matt G (br) wrote: Ah Matthew Vaughn Directing a fantasy comedy, what more can u want in a film, it's truly fantastic film with a brilliant cast including Clare Danes as a sassy star, Michelle Pfeiffer as a incredible evil witch, Robert De Nero as a feminine Pirate and Mark Strong as a dark evil prince!!As this is directed my my favourite director and stars very good actors plus a brilliant storyline and script this is better than I thought It's a great film apples to all people