Hardflip follows the story of Caleb (Randy Wayne) a young skater whose ill mother (Rosanna Arquette) and absent father (John Schneider) leave him reaching for the only hope he has...becoming a sponsored skater. After his mother falls ill, Caleb finds a stack of old love letters. He sets out to find the father he never knew and inadvertently begins a journey he never could have expected. This story explores what happens when we let go of our anger and pain and forgive those who have hurt us most.

Caleb is a teenage boy who likes skating. He lives with his mother and doesn’t know who is his father. Oneday, his mother is ill, all responsibilities are on him. Accidentally, Caleb discovers his father enjoy peacefully old age at the next town. Caleb and his closest friend set off to find his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie S (us) wrote: Just as angering and enthralling as the Paradise Lost movies, at least West of Memphis has some closure at the end.

Johan v (de) wrote: Een film met een onderwerp dat best de nodige aandacht verdiend. Echter, het acteerspel is niet heel overtuigend en daarom blijft de film op een middelmatig niveau hangen...

Millo T (nl) wrote: A western, directed by a Spaniard and set in Bolivia? Yes and, indeed, one of the best of the last years. Here Mateo Gil (the usual script writer for Amenabar) takes the end of the mythical "Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid" movie and asks: "what if...?". The result is a very good crepuscular western with the classical elements of it (but with a more modern perspective that creates a neither quick nor slow rhythm, and doesn't abuse of stereotypes), which employs the spectacular views of Bolivian high plain to bring new possibilities to the genre. A pleasure to meet with the mythical characters of Cassidy and Sundance Kid again.

Toby O (ca) wrote: Well... That was a waste of time. The "acting" was horrible, The "plot" was one-note and the film looked as if it was shot by a TOTAL amateur. Run Away... Save Yourself...

Matthew S (mx) wrote: William Wyler's pot boiler about the corruption of wealth is beautifully shot and remains surprisingly relevant. The film also contains of the more bold performances ever given by a movie star -- especially when one considers the acting style of her contemporaries in the 1930's/1940's. Davis' work in this movie would inspire a number of actresses and filmmakers. Without any hesitation, Davis embodies a level of human evil mixed with a great deal of tragic sadness.

Rafael V (jp) wrote: The strcuture it's a little messy but the characters are very funny and the animation it's pretty decent most of the time

Pete L (us) wrote: A total rip off of Aliens VS Predator. Jason London did some ok movies in his early days and now he's doing this shit. He's an ok actor who does'nt deserve to be in made for TV movies. He needs to be back on the big screen. For some reason I actually sat through this

Caroline P (br) wrote: Filled to the brim with great one liners. Pop open a beer and enjoy.

Jay B (au) wrote: Slightly humorous, but mostly unwatchable. An even bigger failure than the first.

Heba M (gb) wrote: not impressed. highly overrated.

James R (ru) wrote: Epic Martial arts adventure with Jet Li.

Aj V (ru) wrote: I love Perkins, but this movie was really average. It could have been so much better.

richard s (ca) wrote: this is one of the funniest and saddest "gay theme" movies I have ever seen. I highly recommend it.

David A (ag) wrote: horrible acting but who cares as long as theres awesome fight scenes

Paul G (it) wrote: Pretty cool film, nice plot, a little easy to figure out. I liked some of the tricks he plays on the villains.

Frank M (es) wrote: I'm surprised how good this movie is. For a 80's tv movie, I was pleasantly surprised. Jaclyn Smith shines like she always does.

Daniel H (jp) wrote: Not bad Bronson vehicle has him as the title character, a down-and-out novelist who gets involved in acting as the go-between for some stolen ledgers owned by Abner Procane. The cast is a mix of older-time actors such as Elisha Cook Jr., the then-contemporary stars, the usual supporting character actors like Harris Yulin, and in bit parts, Robert Englund and Jeff Goldblum as two hoods who attack Bronson.


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