Hareendran Oru Nishkalankan?

Hareendran Oru Nishkalankan?


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Jeff T (jp) wrote: One of the most amazing films I've seen in the last few years. Had to watch it twice in a row. The first bit involving the Permian extinction seems like it was tacked on as an afterthought - like they went over budget. But beyond that, it's perfect, although, as one reviewer points out - the animation runs slightly hot & cold, but when it's on (which is 90% of the film), it's awe inspiring! This is oscar material - visual effects, editing, sound, possibly animated feature. I would never in a million years guessed that this was made for the Discovery channel.

Private U (mx) wrote: quite good but confusing at times

Martin K (mx) wrote: Some really nice moments but... I can't stand all this moralistic shit about the simplicity and wisdom of the people of the countryside...

Jesse S (ca) wrote: Saw this on the SyFy channel. I liked it. Sone of the effects are pretty cheesy, but it's probably the best SyFy Channel movie I've ever seen.

Nat K (us) wrote: A film about a guy who didn't like the table in his kitchen. Watching it was a huuuuge mistake.

Christine D (gb) wrote: Awesome! Great story and even better acting.

John M (ru) wrote: One of the most memorable and profound stories about family ever made. "Boogie Nights" is all style and slick, sexy but original fun on the surface, yet manages to tell a story focused on each one of its many delightfully hilarious and heartbreaking characters as authentically as Robert Altman underneath it all. Yes, Paul Thomas Anderson is ripping off some other directors here, the master Altman as mentioned, as well as Scorsese with his whip-pans and musical sequences with long takes, but he manages to take all those inspirations and story motives and craft something all his own together here. It's the film that shows you what it's really like to have a voice as a writer/director. Not many films come close to this one for me, and there's not a single moment that drags in its enthralling long running time.

Ed D (fr) wrote: Sad tale about Ai, a call girl for BDSM customers. Pretty depressing, really.

Bill T (it) wrote: Plenty bizarre movie featuring Robin Williams as a car salesman having one heck of a midlife crisis (mainly about women) when his day gets turned around by a hostage taker (Tim Robbins!) that comes crashing through his window. Williams is pretty good, but he's dwarfed by the inane scene chewing by Robbins, who apparently wants to make sure everyone realize he's working with ROBIN FREAKIN' WILLIAMS!

Jack G (ru) wrote: This movie shouldn't totally work as well as it does. It's pretty clearly a Jaws rip-off (or homage if you will) as it's about a giant animal that attacks people - and a much bigger animal than the others around it, distinct that way - and how three people go after it... well, at first anyway. It should be just an homage, but Russell Mulcahy, who later did Highlander, brings something else to the table, which is unadalterated weirdness. The protagonist is a man who loses his cinematographer girlfriend to the Razorback monster and decides to go after it, with (at first) some help from some ruff-house outback folk who strand him in the Australian wilderness until he finds some help. The film's weirdness comes from tone. Some of the action is somewhat standard, as is a climax that takes place in a factory with lots of smoke-machine-made fog and chains, but it's also got camerawork that is very unusual, compositions that take into account the bizarreness of the Outback and what this outsider-guy is up against, and ocassionally it gets trippy. It should be distracting, but in reality it helps to heighten the paranoia and tension: you can't trust most of the characters in this film, mainly cause they're just bad psychopathic backwoods-Aussie folk, and, of course, that big boar could be anywhere.It certainly still feels dated being from the 80's (again, lots of SMOKE and FOG, not a bad thing just what it is), but that's part of its charm when it occurs. When it gets to being exciting Mulcahy and writer Everett DeRoche (veteran of many Aussie-explotation movies) ramp up both the suspense and the black-humor; there's a scene where a fat guy is sitting at home watching his TV, the razorback hooked up to part of the house, and when he runs away he takes half of the house (and the TV) with him! That and a few requisite Aiustralian jokes get the job done.All in all this is a surprise; a tightly constructed, surreal horror-action film with the overtones of Jaws but a director with something to say and (at the time) something to prove as a genre-maker. If it was on late-night TV I would watch it in a heart-beat.

Ashley H (ca) wrote: Casanova Brown is a disappointing film. It is about Cass Brown who is about to marry for the second time. Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright give terrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Sam Wood did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Ashley H (ag) wrote: That Hamilton Woman is an amazing film. The set design and costumes are incredible. Vivien Leigh and Laurence Oliver have great chemistry together and give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written and has plenty of romance. Alexander Korda did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed this motion picture because of the history and drama. That Hamilton Woman is a must see.

asd s (es) wrote: how is moonlight 97% but forrest gump is only 72%. they need better critics

Arthur V (us) wrote: Mos Cr?ciun ii Bad Ass

Woolly S (fr) wrote: God damn, sometimes you gotta wonder; why am i watching this? or failing that; Why am i enjoying this? it's great though