Harishchandra Taramati

Harishchandra Taramati


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Xander K (jp) wrote: Pretty giggle-worthy

salmaan y (ca) wrote: iam somalia man ilove my country and i bleave to go back my goverment

Heriniaina E (es) wrote: A very light movie to watch when you get stressed. :-) More a funny movie than a love story. I like it.

Grace C (au) wrote: Wow, facebook will let me review erotic films? Sweet. I feel right at home. This film wasn't too bad.

Tino R (au) wrote: E.R.W. was good in it, but the movie wasn't as dark and quirky as it thought it was.

Demetris H (us) wrote: Entertaining. Though most believe that 'Rocky' is the be all and end all of boxing flicks, I believe that any boxing fan will watch this and be satisfied with the results. While the idea of underground boxing matches happening in an American prison facility is entertaining in itself, throw in an undisputed heavy weight champion who is not only loud and arrogant but also a loose cannon and you will get a feature that is both a good watch and a decent action ride.I have to admit, the casting for this film is impressive considering the frugal attention it received. Apart from the big names (like Rhames and Snipes) you get some classic performers (like Peter Falk) and actors you would even expect (like Fisher Stevens). All these characters play their parts pretty convincingly I felt, with the direction of Walter Hill giving this that little bit extra.Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys boxing films, as well as prison dramas.

Nick D (ca) wrote: love the room number 69!

Amanda H (br) wrote: This sounds a lot better than it is. I watched half an hour or so and couldn't put myself through any more of it. And it's not just that it's quite old- it's just simply uninteresting and badly made. Don't bother with it.

Private U (kr) wrote: Excellent historical drama, which, as far as I can tell, is quite accurate. Sienkiewicz is one of my favorite authors, so I'm biased when I saw that I also think the plot is superbly constructed. On the other hand, you really have to have an intense appreciation for long historical movies in order to make it through this one, though I would hardly call it slow. Overall, I still think that the first of this series of three films, "With Fire and With Sword" is the best, though it doesn't seem like they have it on this application!