Harishchandrachi Factory

Harishchandrachi Factory

The movie depicts efforts and struggle by Dadasaheb Falke for creating first motion picture in India - Raja Harishchandra.

In 1913 India's cinema industry is born from Dadasaheb Phalke's efforts to make . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (us) wrote: So beyond lazy, it's infuriating. I don't know why they bothered to make a sequel anyways but the amount of effort put into it both from screenwriting, directing and all the actors involved seems so small, it almost ruins the first one.

Joann P (gb) wrote: we loved it! the songs are catchy and my kids love to sing along.

Gareth A (jp) wrote: Great story about a pair of champions. Brotherhood knows no boundaries.

Moe R (br) wrote: I could care less about Sasha Grey, a porn actress, appearing in this film. Her acting sucks, maybe because she doesn't really do actual films . This is not the reason I wanted to watch this film though.I wanted to to TRY and watch this film, but I couldn't get through it past 30 minutes. The fact it was filmed here in my hometown of Ottawa and directed by Lee Demarbre, whom I know, but not personally, I thought this would've been a good movie from what I've heard. I was wrong, this movie stunk worse than a bunch of rotten eggs. Well, not that much, but just about.Smash Cut is apparently an "homage" to Herschell Gordon Lewis's films, but how was it? I don't think I'd want to know the rest after what happened in the remaining 55 minutes.A director is struggling to make a film, and is suffering terribly So, what does he do? He decided to kill people and use their body parts as props for his upcoming film. It was nice to see Herschell Gordon Lewis, David Hess, and Ray Sager in here. However, the dialogue was mostly unneccessary to begin with for their characters.It was cool using the Mayfair and the Bytowne theaters (my two favorites) for settings, but avoid this film at all costs.

Zachary Y (nl) wrote: Interesting portrayal of a crippled woman trying to fit back into the world, romantically and functionally. The beginning is out of place and bizarre. the movie needed to choose which type of film it is.

Andrew C (ru) wrote: Hardly what you would class a film classic, this film did have a pretty original premise and like good horror films was creepy and unnerving in parts. I did find the end somewhat disappointing.

Lukas R (kr) wrote: This was not as funny as I had hoped it would be.

Unique H (gb) wrote: Cheese-tastic... if you like epics then you'll like it... It's entertaining.. but you won't call home about it...

Daniel T (mx) wrote: Loved the first, yet to see the second

Vincent D (kr) wrote: This is a hard film for me to rate, because while I liked many elements, all the things pulling it down for me add up. There's the good and the bad.The good: A good cast, creepy elements, disjointed music used for good effect, keeps you wanting to watch...The bad: ...Even though you could probably already guess the plot twist ending within the first few moments. (In case you couldn't, I will avoid spoiling such, naturally, and I rather envy you as that would have made the film more enjoyable)It doesn't help that the characters aren't necessarily all that likable, and a particular character's behavior towards the end does kind of throw the twist into question.I don't regret seeing it, yet I don't come away feeling glad I did. Unless you're a major fan of this genre, I'd say there's no real need to see this one.

Chuck G (us) wrote: Don't approach this movie looking for constant laughs. It's more touching than funny. I personally enjoyed this movie very much.

Tommy C (mx) wrote: This movie is almost unknown but its a creepy effective movie. Effects are bad and there are allot of corny moments but its a fun movie to watch.

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