Ismini is in her early 30s. She is cultivated, delicate, sensitive and... emotionally handicapped. She has developed a simplistic system of defense to protect her emotions: no one is to come near. It is exactly the moment when this collapses that unsophisticated, simple, impolite, aggressive and greatly passionate Haris appears in her life.

Ismini is in her early 30s. She is cultivated, delicate, sensitive and... emotionally handicapped. She has developed a simplistic system of defense to protect her emotions: no one is to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elliot B (nl) wrote: A film about a dog that was on a talent show. Can someone please explain to me why the fuck this film even got made. So fucking what? She won Britain's Got Talent. Last time i checked the winners of the previous shows never got a movie. This is the definition of desperate, money-hungry corporations making terrible films. This film is just so unnecessary that it actually makes me depressed. It pisses me off that shitty movies like these are constantly being made, whilst those with actual talent are left in the gutter. I definitely don't intend on seeing this and neither should you. Please, please, please save your money and spend it on something else.

Private U (br) wrote: I can watch it again and again just for it's fantastic soundtrack and Adam Faith.

Johnathon W (br) wrote: Solid sequel that improves on its predecessor in many ways, but goes too far in some. The cast is effective and believable in their action roles (the return of Yahan Ruhian is nice though not explained & I especially liked Hammer Girl). Gareth Evans makes the film look better and expanding out into the larger world gives it some much needed variety. However, the film has too many characters & plots and as a result is too long by at least 30 minutes. Where the first film suffered from too little story, this one has too much. Thankfully, Evans does know how to film action scenes by pulling the camera back & using longer takes so to display the awesome stunt & fight choregraphy (the car chase/fight is a particular highlight). Overall, still one of the best martial arts film in recent years, but goes too far in improving on the first's mistakes.

Celeste L (kr) wrote: I must go to Versailles.

Zach S (es) wrote: Far from a comfortable sit, Taxi to the Dark Side is an unforgiving, powerful documentary that gives a critical eye to the interrogation and torture practices the army uses. All spurred on by the death of an innocent taxi driver via torture, we are brought into a dark and uncompromising position of duty and morality. It's a movie that is hard to watch but rightfully deserves to be.

Echo Y (br) wrote: I actually think the movie is better then the novel itself.

Zachary C (au) wrote: great movie must see

Lee W (de) wrote: Definitely one of my favourite movies!

Asif H (nl) wrote: Entertaining melodrama.

Zebulon R (au) wrote: This was the most screwed up acid-trip kids movie I've ever seen.

Andy G (fr) wrote: Franco Nero has quickly become a fan favorite on my movie nights, and this is proof why. If you enjoyed Tarantinos recent homage, you may be interested to check out this, albeit not very similar. If you need a little push to be convinced; the main character drags around a coffin the whole film which no one knows what resides inside.... yeah, that's why you should check this one out.

Mark S (it) wrote: A powerful film noir masterpiece!

bernard a (ru) wrote: Hmmm... there is an interesting amalgam of themes in THREE FACES WEST, which is part anti-nazi propaganda set within the Dust Bowl but plays out like a modern western. During a radio program called WE THE PEOPLE a group of doctors are introduced to the american public. The doctors are all refugees from Europe and hope to gain employment in the United States but do not want to compete for jobs with existing american doctors. A message is broadcast. Any place looking for a doctor can contact the show. Soon after the broadcast, a telegram is received from a small town in North Dakota seeking the services of one of the doctors - specifically Dr. Karl Braun (Charles Coburn) who had fled Vienna along with his daughter Leni (Sigrid Gurie). The townsfolk had even pooled their money for train fare for the two. During their journey from New York City, Dr. Braun and Leni enjoy the view out of the train window. Dr. Braun reflects, "2,000 miles we've travelled...no soldiers to be seen...no frontiers to be crossed...no custom houses...no guards...America." But their high optimism for a bright future is tempered when they arrive at their destination of Ashevile Fork in the middle of the night during a raging dust storm. There to greet them at the train station is the defacto head of the town, John Phillips (John Wayne) along with his grumpy side-kick, "Nunk" Atterbury (Spencer Charters), the acting doc of the town (though he really is the veterinarian). "Cow Doc" as Phillips calls him. Before Phillips can even drive Dr. Braun and Leni to their new home, they make 3 emergency house calls along the way. A mother suffering from pneumonia, an old farmer with a dislocated shoulder, and someone whose illness was just too far along for the doctor to do any good. The dedicated doctor is exhaused but willing to stay - unlike the disillusioned daughter - who wants to leave the very next morning. The last straw being when Phillips shows her the dilapidated home where she and the doctor is to live. This movie has a good premise IMO. It's interesting to see the change in Leni's personality as she becomes used to living in the town which shows sign of recovery when the townsfolk start helping each other out. Leni soon finds herself falling in love with Phillips. The problem arises during the last third of the flick when the writers IMO just appeared to run out of ideas on how to resolve the story in any likely satisfactory matter. The town is hit by another dust storm and the townsfolk decide to up and move. They all pack up their belongs into their cars and trucks - and the caravan heads for Oregon. There is a malcontent among them who rebels against Phillips because he wants the caravan to move to California instead. There is also a most unlikely subplot involving Leni's former fianc which just ruins this further...oh well. 5.5 - mostly for the first half of the film

Aaron G (ru) wrote: After the thousandth plot hole it became genuinely hard to watch.

Jackson M (it) wrote: Just dumb and terrible. Complete waste of time. Very very stupid.

Xavier C (jp) wrote: I absolutely adore the aesthetics! I hate vampire stories but this one is a beautifully told love tale about the high values in life.

Ben K (ru) wrote: The additional content moves this Cameron thriller from great to near masterpiece. Incredible story, acting, pacing.

Scott B (ag) wrote: Seann William Scott and Billy Bob Thornton, what's more to want in a comedy. It's good to see Scott out of the Stiffmeister role.