Harlem Aria

Harlem Aria

An aspiring opera singer from Harlem teams up with a charismatic busker and a kindhearted hustler to share his voice with the world, and teaches his two newfound friends the importance of taking your destiny into your own hands. Anton (Gabriel Casseus) lives in Harlem with his aunt. He dreams of moving to Italy and becoming a famous opera singer, and though he's been blessed with a magnificent singing voice, his passion has made him an outsider in his neighborhood. Running away from home, Anton meets passionate street pianist Matthew (Christian Carmago) and together the two begin drawing large, appreciate crowds on the street. Working the crowd as they do their thing is Wes (Damon Wayans), whose natural charm always gets the cash flowing. And while life on the streets is never easy, Anton, Matthew, and Wes soon discover that by following their dreams, they may find a means of transforming their lives forever.

Chasing his dream, Anton leaves his aunt's home in Harlem for downtown New York City, where a quick-witted street hustler named Wes cons him out of his life savings. Homeless and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin G (de) wrote: Bedste serie ever!!!

Josep P (us) wrote: Manual d'amore 3 [2011]

Justin J (ru) wrote: dog are cute. and that is it.

Cody F (gb) wrote: It's not as good as the original, but it was still a crazy ride and this prequel beats the hell out of the annoying and kid-friendly cartoon TV series that was short-lived. Though, this movie still could've brought Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels back to play their characters in high school form!

(kr) wrote: watched frm half. story touching i thing. "kya hai is ghar meim" so touching que. thought it's beautifully picturised.

Matt K (fr) wrote: The structure is a little creaky, but the story is great. The second half is definitely the stronger half. This is an interesting way for the Coward/Lean relationship to start.

Wm O (ca) wrote: Excellent movie. Really appreciated that it captured the spirit of a woman who just wanted to sing for the sake of making beautiful music. I also liked the fact that her husband was right there by her side, all the way up the rocky road to success.

Johnathon W (kr) wrote: Brilliant homage to action movies that manages to poke fun at the genre while still being a pretty good one on its own. What makes the 'Cornetto Trilogy' so excellent is that each film feels unique in both the acting & filmmaking, while still retaining a distinct charm. Simon Pegg shows his chops as Sgt. Nicolas Angel, completely believable as an action star while also pulling superb double-duty with writing with director Edgar Wright. The rest of the cast is excellent as well, particularly veteran's like Broadbent & Dalton, who have the time of their lives in this movie. Wright's direction is equally superb, making fun of action movies in the first hour before delivering one of the finest & most hilarious action sequences in the last hour. A must for action fans and still my personal favorite of Wright's films.

Thelma F (gb) wrote: too good to be true!!

Paul B (es) wrote: Predictable should-be straight to video rubbish.