Harley's Hill

Harley's Hill

Harley, a runaway thoroughbred, is found by a rancher and his daughter. Unable to find the owner, they nurture him back to health, and the girl includes Harley as her partner in her horse club competitions.

A racing horse chooses a new path. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan M (br) wrote: Frustrating and enlightening, #kidsforcash is the kind of film that will draw you in with its subject, but make you care enough about the subjects to stick around.

Matthew H (jp) wrote: All and all its good movie.

John R (kr) wrote: Well for a start I think Steven Poliakoff is the finest filmic storyteller working today so there was a good chance I would like this. It didn't disappoint. Mesmerising, spellbinding and dreamlike.

Jenn T (us) wrote: The plot wasn't horrible but the actin was. This is proof of the saying "those who can't act, direct"

Michael W (it) wrote: Recovering alcoholic has visions of murder after moving in to her new home, eventually spiralling her into insanity. Budget-challenged effort held up for the most part until a terribly filmed (and disappointing) climax. Repeated assertions by Doctor of 'don't worry' to victim's spouse fail to offer any reassurance that she will recover.

Daniel W (br) wrote: Steven Seagal is the most consistently bad actor in the history of cinema. As of the end of 2009 he's been in 36 films, none of which are good and only one of which isn't terrible (Under Siege, as if anybody could care less.) To be fair, I haven't seen them all, but I sure as hell feel like I have. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all and they all suck. He's so one dimensional and it's not like it's even a good dimension. As for Belly Of The Beast. Same same...

Blue (jp) wrote: Tells it all and the arts really good too! I love it.

Jonny Jeremias S (mx) wrote: Domestic Disturbance Domestic Disturbance starring both John Travolta and Vince Vaughn was a good movie. that is my opening statement. Keep reading for the rest. It was nice. it had many good lines or comments, some were even funny and made me laugh. I laughed several times during this movie. It had great scenery and a great back-story plus a more than adequate script. They could have been a bit more creative instead of basing the movie on classic scenes from so many other movies, but ah well. So, in other words, it was worth watching. I liked it. Others may not have, but I did. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. Besides, it's like this with all movies and everything else in the world. Some like it and some don't. That is just the way it is in this world of ours. The acting was superb on some parts, others (thinking of Vince Vaughn)not so much. Travolta did a good job as he usually does. Mr. Vaughn had an easy role of which he could have done a much better job with (hell, a blind and deaf chimpanzee without any ability to speak could have done a better job), but all in all he did a good job. His character was convincing. And then there is Buscemi, playing Roy. He never lets me down. He is one of those who never do a bad job, not even a little! He is one of the greatest actors there is! So, obviously he did a great, fantastic, awesome and superb job playing his part as the shady yet nice character Roy Coleman. The start was great, the ending not so much, but nothing is perfect anyways. The movie itself was great with the turning points and the characters and everything. I enjoyed it, I did. This is a thriller, obviously. A thriller movie with a little comedy stuffed in it. It was thrilling at times. They could have made it more thrilling, but they didn't, and there is nothing to do about that. A big part of the movie were clichs. Some fit in and made it better, others did not. There were also parts that everyone could see coming, they were easy to foresee, but that doesn't make it bad, but it takes away a part of the thrill of the movie. So, this movie was enjoyable on a late and spring night like this one. And after taking all of the things I said about the movie into consideration, I have decided to give this movie, "Domestic Disturbance", 4 stars out of 10 possible. Rating: 4/10. Thanks for reading, goodnight and sleep tight. - J.J. Shevy

Chris S (br) wrote: A funny story about a quirky, endearing woman.

Nadja D (gb) wrote: suspenseful and funny! roberts is evidently fantastic as always!funny to see rutherford in this movie as well (although in a rather small role)!i like reporter stories and mysteries and this film elegantly combines both!rare roberts film I hadn't seen prior to now, i can warmly recommend it though! :)

Andrew K (ag) wrote: This movie manages to be far more entertaining than it should be. It's so bad that you can't help but laugh and wonder what will happen next.

Micah F (de) wrote: Sally Field, Danny Glover, Ed Harris, John Malkovich, and the rest of a brilliant cast bring the depression-era south to life in this timeless classic inspired by director Robert Benton's own childhood. This movie got Field a second Oscar win and put many other actors on the map as serious contenders. Not to mention it's just one of those heart-warming stories that bring me back again and again.

Ryan N (mx) wrote: Not the best, but still entertaining!

Scott R (es) wrote: Another lost review by flixster. This film was unusual in its content and setting, but certainly was not great.

Joanna C (ru) wrote: Cool Adventure movie. =D

D J (ag) wrote: I had a dream and the dream came true, I saw a ghost and the ghost was you, but in the dark it was hard to see, that you we're only make believe.

Movie K (es) wrote: Surprisingly its a good animation. Rather sweet and simple. Great motion capture technique. Milo (Seth Green) is a boy who don't eat his veggie, don't like to take out trash. His mom (Joan Cusack) keep nagging at him and he says it will be good if he doesn't have a mom. Meanwhile, alien in Mars are locking in on her for her good mom quality. At night the aliens kidnap her and Seth chase, get tangle and stranded on the spaceship. An alien girl Ki (Elisabeth Harnois) somehow feel bad but the Supervisor (Mindy Sterling) rules with authority. Milo manage to escape the jail cell with the help of a voice. He jump into the rubbish chute and descend down to rubbish land, where he meet Gribble (Dan Fogler) the one who save him. He says he is a secret astronaut stranded. Gribble accidentally tells Milo his mom will be killed. The aliens are all females and bad mothers, so they want to extract the good mom quality out of human mom to transfer into their nanny bots. The males are dump into the rubbish land. He help Milo go up there again but knew it won't work. His plan to help him escape fail and Milo is on his own. The alien track down the comms and caught Gribble. Ki has been doing flower artwork on the building and bump into Milo who escape to the ledge. He fell and she save him. Milo go back to the rubbish and can't find Gribble. He find a capsule belong to Gribble and find out he is actually George Ribble and his mom was also caught by the alien. Gribble is to be kill by firing squad. Milo save him in time. Supervisor command Ki to kill them but she throw the gun to Milo and the duo escape. They fell to a sewer and reach another part of the below. Gribble tell Milo his story. He was a good boy and led to the capture of his mom. He try to save her but its too late. So he know how it ends. Ki track find them and want to help Milo. She saw a secret files of the elders about Earth and is mesmerize by the flower arts. She also like how Gribble blush when he is near Ki. They uncover a wall drawing of their race as a family. Supervisor has been lying that they are all been raise by nanny bots all along. They reach up there with Ki help. Gribble freed the male aliens. Milo go out there to save his mom. Ki accidentally start the spaceship. Gribble put on his rocket and give Milo a boost. The aliens are barging out and Gribble punch the lock system to prevent the aliens coming. Milo can't free the buckle and use the gun to do it. He manage to wake his mom up. The Supervisor stands in their way towards the ship. Ki shows the rest the drawing and says they should be raise by a complete family. Supervisor says the males just dance and do nothing all day hence she put up the new rules to raise the children with nanny bot and banish males to rubbish land. The others know the truth and refuse to obey Supervisor anymore. Peace is restore in the alien race. Milo and his mom return to Earth. Gribble continue to stay in Mars with Ki since its a new rule now.

Michael H (jp) wrote: Strange left field genre film that manages to thrill and confuse in equal measure. Finally a movie featuring Hi-Fi too. I almost wept with joy...