A failed artist searching strength to move ahead. By a young lady, who might be his daughter, he develops a project that changes his destiny.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

A failed artist searching strength to move ahead. By a young lady, who might be his daughter, he develops a project that changes his destiny. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miuho K (ag) wrote: "I don't know.I don't know what to believe."Anothe good movie about "marriage".Damn,scary.I'm afraid of getting married.Well I don't need to coz there is no such a plan so far.That guy was a jerk!Guys are jerks!!!

Geoff J (it) wrote: The big monsters barely fight at all...what a rip off... :)

Kevin H (nl) wrote: I watched it once and thought it was good but that Anne Hathaway somehow over and underacted at the same time.Watched it a second time a year or so later and realized that it's pretty much a masterpiece for what it is.

Michael A (jp) wrote: This is a very effective "outbreak on a farm" type movie

Dries D (mx) wrote: So the story is a bit like blade runner, but personally I believe most korean movies have more in commmon with manga than with western movies. For a non korean, it's sometimes hard to keep track in the movie...them korean men all look the same to me and when you have to read the subtitles on top of that it can sometimes get confusing during fast paced fighting sequences. Do love the sound of the language, it's something between chinese and japenese if you know what i mean. The movie is more complex and emotionally deeper than blade runner. The look of the movie is great, some really nice scenes in there. It ends like many asian movies in a overly heroic self offering. The music is good, I loved the music with the end titles...to bad they don't give any subtitles with that :s Definitely gonna watch this one again, think I might enjoy it a bit more second time around.

Jordan A (it) wrote: Cameron Crowe tries way too hard to be an artsy fartsy film director which means he totally jacked up every great thing about the original Open Your Eyes which was a beautiful piece of filmmaking. Cameron Crowe literally makes an overly glossy version of Pi and totally butchers the psychological thriller genre. The love story was bad too, way too sappy, while the original was beautifully tragic.

Daniel J (nl) wrote: Scream 2 was horribly boring

Spookie M (it) wrote: The Fat Boys in their first and sadly only movie. Great movie to laugh at and not with. Ralph Bellamy looks suitably embarrassed as he uses 80's rap slang like "buggin'" and "wack". Truly pitiful. Also there are some baffling cameos by Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick and The Beach Boys!!

Alan D (es) wrote: Part of a great series about poor old Antoine Doinel. Mes baisers voles me manque.

Willie J (de) wrote: It is quite forgettable, with a few good songs. There is nothing special about it, not the acting or the plot. The writing is quite weak and the music isn't strong enough to overlook it. It's not the best of it's era, year, or of the cast and crew involved, but it is watchable with some nice sequences. Like with all Minnelli films, you get great art direction and cinematography. "Gigi" is solid, nothing more, nothing less.

sandrashakysadmirer (mx) wrote: This is a classic ! I have always been interested in the unknown, like tarot cards, and this film says it all !5 people on a train having their fortune read by a creepy character.

Joe A (es) wrote: Very funny story of the night the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show and these kids were trying to get tickets.