Moon Ok (Na Moon-Hee) was a musical professor at a university, but is now on death row for committing a crime caused by the abuse of her husband and mother-in-law. In prison she meets a young lady named Jeong-hye (Kim Yunjin) who killed her husband because of physical abuse. At the time of her arrest, Jeong-hye was pregnant and the baby was eventually born in prison. Now 18 months later, Jeong-hye's baby must be given up for adoption. To spend one day with her baby outside of prison, Jeong-hye forms a prison choir group. Moon Ok becomes the conductor for this choir. The inmates and prison officers are soon touched by the music produced by this group.

Female prison inmates form a choir. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony G (gb) wrote: Absolutely one of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen! Not only does it show the history of origami, but also the future which I never would have guessed, and the intricacies that origami has evolved into. A must see blend of art and science!

Wayne M (ca) wrote: Miranda July is certainly a unique film maker and her second film is a quietly beautiful, strange and slightly surreal one. She plays Sophie who with her partner decide to adopt a sick cat. As they wait for the cat to arrive, after recovering, they contemplate their future, their relationship and everything else. This film is far from conventional and really makes you work but the payoff is there. What starts as quirky becomes something more as the couple freeze in the face of uncertainty. To add to the strangeness the cat's voice is weaved through the film, adding a soul you could possibly sad. This is a very interesting film that is sad and also bitter sweet.

Aaron V (ru) wrote: The Lone Ranger is by far one of the worst Disney films I've seen in my entire life! I went to go see this film with my grandpa because he grew up watching the Lone Ranger tv series in the 50s. And even he hated this film! This film is also very dark at some parts. In one scene the bad guy who I forgot his name but I really don't care what his name is anyway. The bad guy goes up to a dead body and cuts the chest open of the dead body and what does he do. He takes out the dead body's heart and eats it. You heard me right, he eats a heart. This is coming from the same company that brought us FAMILY FILMS like The Little Mermaid! I hate this film! I don't recommend watching this film even if you like western films.

Laurel S (ca) wrote: Ah. Lifetime movies. It was a look into the some girls person hell about highschool life.

Jack (au) wrote: kinda slow but glad i stuck with it...all in all it was good

David D (de) wrote: Low budget thriller. Good concept, but the acting was really hammy in some places. Worth watching, but only once.

Rod G (au) wrote: Miyazaki toma toda su pasin por los hidroaviones, el cdigo de honor de los pilotos y a su usual apoyo al gnero femenino durante los tiempos antes de la guerra en "Porco Rosso" con personajes sumamente carismticos y divertidos al estilo del gran Studio Ghibli.

Greg W (fr) wrote: another good road movie

Adam R (ca) wrote: An overcomplicated sci-fi movie that was interesting at times, but ultimately didn't engross me. It's poorly made with a distracting musical score. (First and only viewing - 12/19/2016)

Andrew B (br) wrote: I did not view Gimme Shelter as a Rolling Stones fan. I am not a fan of the band, and think they are actually the most overrated and overhyped band that ever walked the face of this earth. But I did enjoy this documentary. The film is less about a Stones concert and more about what happened during the concert and also showcases the end of an era. The hippie peace and love movement was slowly coming to an end during this period, and the murder during this show by the Hells Angels pretty much put the nail in the coffin. What I came away thinking about this documentary is. The Rolling Stones cheaped out hiring the Hells Angels for security at the show. Most likely in exchange for some drugs and partying and what resulted is typical animalistic behavior by the infamous biker gang. To have absolutely no respect for human life by not only killing someone, but killing them in front of thousands of people in the middle of concert really is something. A great documentary.

Zachary B (ru) wrote: A ton of names in this 1957 flick directed by the late great Karl Malden. The film stars American cinema icon Richard Widmark as an American colonel desperate to save an Army major facing court-martial. The film also has a young Rip Torn and Martin Balsam. A solid film, worth a watch if you are into the classics.

Christina W (ag) wrote: Oh it's wonderful and sweeping and cheesy, especially the accents, but that makes it all the more wonderful!

Tasos L (br) wrote: A copy of "basic instict". Not even close..

Ryan K (kr) wrote: Not particularily the best Coen Brother film. It's weak and personally my personal least favorite film in their track record.

TMS S (kr) wrote: Great film in my eyes! I Love GOD so anything faith based I enjoy!!!