A teenager with an early onset of male-pattern baldness befriends his high school's janitor.

A teenager with an early onset of male-pattern baldness befriends his high school's janitor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ana G (gb) wrote: J'ai trouv (C) l'id (C)e super originale... Dupontel est le cancer de Dujardin :) Aprs un d (C)but bien hilarant, a part vite en cacahute... et je suis pas d'accord avec la fin... mais bon a vaut le coup de le regarder, Dupontel est magnifique !!!

Helena M (ag) wrote: It was good to see again events from by-gone era.

Kelly B (ag) wrote: the greatest Bugs Bunny action movie EVER. I love Clive Owen and Bugs Bunny

Ashley W (ca) wrote: I think that the movie is really good but a little twisted

Bengel W (ca) wrote: Action and effects are fine, the photography is excellent considering the dark spaces the camera had to look into and keep a visual. The story is interesting although the script lets down the actors at times, by becoming rather predictable; this is overcome by the teaching moments but, should have been spotted in the writing. Nibbles: Spotted Dick and Custard.

Shajie K (ru) wrote: 19/08/13 - mumDecent movie, i just didnt like it

Anjali K (gb) wrote: Its about a girl who can't dance cause she broke her leg and they have to find another girl. the man that the girl who broke her leg liked ,fell in love with the new dancer

Wahida K (au) wrote: They must NOT destroy the world.

Paul D (us) wrote: It's hard to believe this film was made by Disney given it's more like 'Animal House' in style and comedy than something for the family. It's a good laugh too with an almost screwball chase around Los Angeles for very little reason.

Dave C (br) wrote: Created as an alternative to the neat, tidy Communist propaganda films of the sixties, Loves of a Blond follows a young Czech woman and her encounter with army reservists and a traveling pianist, with whom she becomes infatuated.

Oscar H (gb) wrote: Filmen, som r en av de stora inspirationskllorna till Alien, r otroligt frgsprakande och ibland ganska spnnande. Vissa scener knns det som om Alien rippat rakt av, ven om dess skapare sger sig aldrig ha sett Planet of the Vampires. Detta r ven en av det till synes ondliga antal filmer dr mnniskokroppar tas ver av utomjordiska krafter. Budgeten ska ha varit extremt mikroskopisk. Det mrks fga.

Dax S (nl) wrote: I enjoyed this movie a lot as a kid.

Kenneth L (br) wrote: Sense & feel of real authenticity. Though the concluding op & getaway seemed a little preposterous upon reflection.