Set in the northern Algerian port city of Mostaganem. The title refers to the hordes of refugees, the 'Harragas', who smuggle themselves out of the country via any means possible. Here we ...

Set in the northern Algerian port city of Mostaganem. The title refers to the hordes of refugees, the 'Harragas', who smuggle themselves out of the country via any means possible. Here we ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony M (ru) wrote: Colm Meaney is an actor that I've always liked. When I saw this film on Netflix I thought I'd give it a go. I enjoyed this story and found it quite moving in places. I give Parked 4 stars.

Brooke S (de) wrote: Partially my fault as I was working while watching, but I actually had trouble telling a lot of the faces apart for the minor characters. When she woke up for the first time since her accident, I could not tell the faces of her friends and boyfriend were different because they didn't really stand out before. This sounded interesting but the main character kept not explaining her head trauma to her peers and that kept causing problems for her. I also found it strange that she could not seem to recognize anyone's voices in the movie at any time... faces change, sure, but not voices. Everyone in this movie was a dick to Anna, haha.

Jose M (au) wrote: lmao ... that's all.

Regina R (de) wrote: From the viewpoint of anyone in recovery from any addiction, this movie surely gives a vivid depiction of the intense situations an addict faces. The vivid and captivating portrayal by Benicio of his fight to go thru withdrawal is heartbreaking, almost spellbinding. Great acting for Benicio throughout the film. Hallie Berry is also very good. This film quite effectively portrays some of the saddest and most traumatic sides of human life. Very good movie except for foul language.

Christopher P (fr) wrote: The film blends four narratives to create one story about the human need for love and affection and the search to find that love - even in the darkest places.

Ginger J (ag) wrote: i dont wanna c it, but i kinda do.....??

Russ V (de) wrote: Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Next Generation is filled with ideas already used in previous movies in the series, very annoying characters, an even more annoying transvestite Leatherface, not a single kill with a chainsaw, and no scares what so ever. The fourth film in the series is not worth watching, even if you are a Matthew McConaughey fan. Do yourself a favour, and avoid this movie like the plague.

Yuri B (jp) wrote: Not as funny as the original but hilarious none the less.

Kenneth C (nl) wrote: A masterful reinterpretation of the Passion Play that presents a boldly challenging take on Jesus, which is brilliantly complemented by a subtle Biblical symbology in the film as a whole.

Andrew D (au) wrote: Essential Halloween viewing. Beautiful film that deserves to be shown every Halloween!

Piknik (es) wrote: Bu filmi ilk seyrettigimde daha yeni yetme gazeteciydim. Filmdeki sicak olay gazeteciligi ve fotomuhabirligi beni cok heyecanlandirmis, muzikleri ise mest etmisti. Her seyredisimde benzer bir hazzi yasarim hala. Bu film bence gazetecilige gonul vermis herkesin arsivinde ve zihninde olmasi gereken bir klasik. Ayni zamanda cok iyi bir politik gerilim filmi, tipki 'Missing' gibi. Ozellikle bazi takip sahnelerindeki goruntu ve muzik uyumu oylesine yerinde ki insanin beynine cakilip kaliyor. This is the peak of the "photojournalism film" all i know. I watched it many times with the same excitement. Soundtracks are great.

Mark S (de) wrote: Colossus is appropriately-named, as it stands for the type of intelligent sci-fi that Hollywood rarely attempts. Holding it back from true greatness are the stiff, flat characters who exude no personality outside of doing their jobs professionally. They're almost as mechanical as the machine's computer antagonist.

Elena S (ca) wrote: first 30 minutes it is interesting , the rest is boring

Ilsa L (it) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed this genuinely funny satire.

Danny M (es) wrote: Great comedy film. I loved it JGL is great at directing and acting. I agreed with s lot of the stuff he was saying also

Miguel R (br) wrote: Uncreative, dull, and lacking heart, Mars Needs Moms delivers an unoriginal premise that fails to captivate the audience

Cveti (nl) wrote: The title of this piece sets the tone of the movie and as a viewer you can not escape knowing how it is going to resolve. The director does not try to surprise us in that sense, there is no unexpected turn of events. Instead the whole 120 minutes of the movie is like a slow drive through unremarkable lives or at least presented as such. The main character is a writer overcoming a block. After a car accident in which he kills a small boy no blame is passed but the experience makes him a better writer. At the beginning it seems that his murky personality is something that we will gain an insight to, but until the end he stays in his stereotypical role of a man not able to share his emotions or display them to the persons he cares about. The only other character worth noting is the mother of the child which copes with her loss in an admirable way. We do not get to know her even though she appears in many of the scenes. Some hints are placed carefully about the way she leads her life, but are too rare and scarce to even dare guessing who she is. The director's intention was obviously to try to build characters through long expositions and play of light, color and music, but in doing so he leaves too much room for interpretation by the viewer that they inadvertently fall into the cliche. It is obvious that this is a work of someone with years of experience but in the end I think it falls flat because of undeveloped characters.