Harry's War

Harry's War

After his aunt dies of a heart attack while fighting the IRS, Harry Johnson decides to take up the cause.

After his aunt dies of a heart attack while fighting the IRS, Harry Johnson decides to take up the cause. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Harry's War torrent reviews

Hayden G (br) wrote: Reminded me of the sleazy glee of Troma and Hobo with a Shotgun, though not as entertaining as those.

Abhishek M (us) wrote: Not bad for a Salman Khan movie. I mean any day better than "Bodyguard" and "Ready".Salman and Katrina have great chemistry and are brilliant as a pair.Direction was good enough. Kabir Khan has done a decent job but the stunts are some what unbelievable especially the "train scene". The location for the movie was beautiful. The direction of his previous two movies were much better "Newyork" and "Kabul Express".Music was acceptable. But when will Indian music directors stop copying stuff from Hollywood movies? Did anyone realize that they have ripped off the intro and background score of "Forrest Gump"?Anyways, overall, not a bad movie.

Craig F (jp) wrote: Engaging film with allegorical pretensions that it pulls off satisfyingly.

Theron B (gb) wrote: I new what was going to happen as soon as I saw brandy running scared. The plot is terrible with no suspense. The occasional little pharmacy granny for comic relief was the best part of the movie but even her served to story line base and was just for comic relief. I expected more but I guess Tyler Parry isn't doing his best these days with a bad Alex Cross movie. He should stick to Medea stuff.

Joseph G (au) wrote: Ive Been Hearing alot Of Negative Things about this movie. well those negative people are idiots. sure the ending you can see a mile away but thats not the point of this movie. its about a man seeking revenge. its well made and lance henrickson is amazing. and should be in more hollywood hits. this is a great movie.

Daniel K (mx) wrote: I knew it'd be bad and was pretty much spot on, but the points it does get are for being amusing for all the wrong reasons. Terrible storyline and plot, but the characters were rather funny, and can't say the acting was all that bad. Jaime Pressley is probably the highlight if there is one as she brings a few funny moments to the film, as does Brooke Burns as Ava.Jokes were poor and drawn out at times and the only time I was laughing was normally at how bad the film was. Terrible conclusion and ending, and twist if you can even call it that. Best to try and avoid this one at all costs, take my word for it :)

Drw W (au) wrote: iam fucking lonely now after watching =(great movie

Paula D (it) wrote: Disturbing movie that I thought was newer when I ordered - then it became obvious it was pre- Meg Ryan /Dennis Quaid divorce. Some odd characters (gwyenth paltrow) and not sure of the whole purpose of the end of the movie (killing the adult who was a baby when the original murders took place) . .. so kind of weird. I love Dennis Quaid in about anything though, so for that portion of it it was okay.

Mike B (gb) wrote: In a modern rendering of "the pen is mightier than the sword" axiom, Louison reaches for the TV antenna as Clapet advances on him with the meat cleaver during their rooftop showdown; instrumentalizing the media to fight tyranny in the most literal sense. The rest of the film's seemingly latent symbolism is somewhat more convoluted, which is only bad in combination with lacking hooks to incentivize the viewer's further contemplation. It recalls "Boondock Saints" in its appropriation of bombastic language and symbols, leaving the viewer if there really is a broader narrative or just a hodgepodge of implied meaning.

chanci r (br) wrote: now who does not love george berns

Noname (mx) wrote: Fun and great action with Eddie and Nick. 80s movies you cant go wrong with. There is a sequel aswell and both are nice.

Renta T (ag) wrote: Shoot me, but it's beautiful. It's everything one needs for consoling. Or in need for a laugh. I loved it for the second time even better.

Spencer H (ag) wrote: Now that's a good movie.

Becky T (mx) wrote: It wasn't what I thought. It had some definitely gruesome parts that I turned away from, which I didn't care for, and wasn't as action or deep character driven as expected. But the acting and visual effects were quite good and it was interesting to see the 1800s whaling