Single father and Deli owner Daan tries to find love online. Katje a beautiful yet self observed designer opens a store next door, they instantly dislike each other. Daan daughter Saar ...

Saar (8) loves swans. Swans are monogamous for life; they dont believe in divorce. Her father and mother do... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hartenstraat torrent reviews

Deke P (br) wrote: Mdvd sd true story, but poorly acted (at least by her, but she's hot- star of Gone Girl), melodramatic love story, and but last 1/3 true based on history but you'll be lost if you don't know the history. so i will google the history.

Leena L (fr) wrote: Groundhog Day with a twist and a brilliant cast! Although not much really happened and at some point it was rather predictable Colin, Nicole and Mark made it an enjoyable 1.5 hours! And make you think what if that happened to you?

Jairo A (nl) wrote: Grave Encounters is good...it's one of those types of movies you want to watch with your girl because you know it will scare the hell out of her in some parts and you want to be there to comfort her. The story is cool, the best part is the way it's filmed. In some parts, you have this very uneasy feeling and you don't know where the heck the "entity" will come out from. The acting is ok...but this movie is pretty creepy in some parts! 3/5 OR 6/10

Tuukka P (gb) wrote: Swedish small scale romantic comedy about an Asperger little brother who decides he has to find a perfect mate for his depressed older brother. Quite fresh take with some odd ballish humour this one has heart and sort of "real life" look and feel you'll often find missing in Hollywood movies. The next of the Skarsgrd clan (Bill) is a nice find in the titular role.

Teri O (ru) wrote: This movie is hilarious!! I can't believe it has such a low rating!! LOVE IT!!

Sue S (br) wrote: A wonderful story about a very talented man.

Anya S (br) wrote: Staying up past 2 am and this is what you get; Finding Bliss a movie that dealt with a young woman that ever since childhood has been dealing with her issues with sex and men. This movie has a lot of heart and cute moments that make this movie a great girly girl movie. Also I must say that having her work at a porn oh excuse me... Adult Film studio was very funny. Watch this if you need a cheap laugh.

Davy S (ag) wrote: Pretty solid, interesting indie flick. Would recommend to people who want something a little different

Claire T (jp) wrote: it was good, it was better than what I thought, I loved it and I would love it on DVD, it was an very interesting movie, it starred Chris O'Dowd and Marc Wootan, I love this film

Cameron (mx) wrote: GREAT movie,Sad ending though.

Harman K (au) wrote: The most weird, interesting, disturbing, fascinating, crazy, painful, original, and nutty movie I've ever seen; not to mention the brilliant acting job by Mark Webber. Expect something totally different from whatever it is you are expecting; The Memory Thief will surprise you.

Drew R (fr) wrote: Not much to it until tragedy strikes. Some beautiful set work as Vatel arranges to please the King with a lavish celebration, but nothing memorable.

Jordon J (jp) wrote: The Samaritan benefits substantially from the inclusion of a shocking turn in the narrative at around the halfway point. I say RENT IT!!!