Hart's War

Hart's War

Fourth-generation Army Col. William McNamara is imprisoned in a brutal German POW camp. Still, as the senior-ranking American officer, he commands his fellow inmates, keeping a sense of honor alive in a place where honor is easy to destroy, all under the dangerous eye of the Luftwafe vetran Col. Wilhelm Visser. Never giving up the fight to win the war, McNamara is silently planning, waiting for his moment to strike back at the enemy. A murder in the camp gives him the chance to set a risky plan in motion. With a court martial to keep Visser and the Germans distracted, McNamara orchestrates a cunning scheme to escape and destroy a nearby munitions plant, enlisting the unwitting help of young Lt. Tommy Hart. Together with his men, McNamara uses a hero's resolve to carry out his mission, ultimately forced to weigh the value of his life against the good of his country.

The film is based on the truth story. It is about second-year Harvard Law School student enters into army during World War II. He becomes a prison-bird and discover surprise, dangerous truths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie J (ca) wrote: Well made with a creepy score and good performances. The over all story though for me was pretty predictable. Didn't really bring anything new. Check it out if your a fan of ghost stories.

darrell b (de) wrote: Michael Jai White love his movies notjing but Action why didnt this hit the box office

Annie C (gb) wrote: "We're all wrong for someone."

Brian C (nl) wrote: I loved the feel, and the look of the film, but most of all I loved the story. Note: This is the Southern France Campaign, which was not nearly as intense as the Normandy Campaign. Also, if you love MTV style movies and have to have everything spelled out for you this is not your movie., it is not fast paced, but I really enjoyed it and thought it well done, I can't believe that this is not a big budget movie. Perhaps I shouldn't say this because my childhood friend is the co-producer of this movie, but I actually liked this movie better than the first. Okay, okay, I'll even admit it...I cried during part of the movie.

Astrid T (au) wrote: now that was just bad acting

Patrik h (nl) wrote: it was ok for the budget. but the brain being slices of oranges was uber lol xD

Martin D (mx) wrote: A young man thinks he's found the girl of his dreams, until he learns that his father has different ideas in this fast-paced Swedish comedy. Roro (Fares Fares) is the teenaged son of a Lebanese expatriate living in Sweden; Roro has a job as a park attendant where he minds the grounds with Mns (Torkel Petersson). One day while working, Roro meets a pretty girl named Lisa (Tuva Novotny). They talk, and before long, a romance has blossomed between them. But Roro's father (Jan Fares) wants his son to marry a nice Lebanese girl, and before Roro can work up the courage to tell his father about Lisa, he learns that he has been pledged to marry fellow immigrant Yasmin (Laleh Pourkarim). Yasmin is no more enthusiastic about this idea than Roro, but they both feel they have to play along for the sake of their families. However, Yasmin quickly becomes fond of Roro, and she's crushed when Roro introduces her to Lisa as his cousin; Lisa is just as devastated when she learns the truth about Roro's relationship with Yasmin. Mns, meanwhile, is having problems of his own -- he's suddenly become impotent, and as he and his girlfriend, Jenny (Sofi Ahlstrm Helleday), try an increasingly elaborate variety of sexual gymnastics in hopes of restoring Mns' virility, they start to wonder if their relationship can survive the ordeal.

Paulina B (de) wrote: gosh! i cried for so long...it's really one of the best movies ever

Subhiksh V (es) wrote: one word....THIS MOVIE IS PATH-BREAKINGLY PHENOMENAL !!...oops, that was more than just one word....but then so is the movie !! :)

James R (ag) wrote: Finally watched this one and while it's a bit dated this is a pretty solid anime. The movie takes place in the year 2029 where people are inside cyborgs that hold their consciousness and which gives them super human abilities. We follow Major Motoko Kusanagi (Mimi Woods) along with her partner Batou (Richard Epcar) who are on the case of a hacker nicknamed the Puppet Master. What they uncover though leads them to question the very organizations they work for. The film itself has some really well done animation. This came out 20 years ago and it looks very good still. The english voice acting (yeah sue me I watched it dubbed) was well done as well. I will say the pacing of the story can kind of come at ya fast and it took me a few rewatches of certain scenes to get down what was going on, but its an interesting concept with their "ghosts" aka consciousness in the bodies and what they can do. Overall, if you're an anime fan you've probably already seen this, but if you haven't give it a look.

Scott C (it) wrote: I don't like these films that are just weird for the sake of being weird.

mike p (ru) wrote: ultra sleazy D'Amato film is one of his best film. Although his carrer has mostly been made up of porn. But the man had talent at one time. The score from Goblin is one of their best. Theres a cadaver in the film that may be real!? And Iris the house keeper gives me the creeps.

Phil C (ca) wrote: Careful, clinical retelling of a police officer's murder outside LA in the 60's. Wambaugh had creative control over this, and it shows. Nothing fancy, but very effective, especially Woods as a classic psychopath.

Malcolm M (de) wrote: Ok did not want to see it but then seen Alisters rate so now really do lol

Jennifer S (ru) wrote: I love the special feature of the footage they used to get a montage for the bar scene.

GreatOne W (nl) wrote: Sleeper movie for sure! Very sneaky, surprising twists!