• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:film in film,   dog,   horse,  

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Serge L (it) wrote: Good acting but strong premise? I don't think so. Good thing they added a girl because this was smelling homersexual a lot. Refreshing? The story reminded something coming from ancient Greece, with all the boys fighting monsters to get out of a bind. Not making much sense any way you look at it.

Brian P (es) wrote: Trying to escape the reputation of forgettable action flicks, WWE Films continues it's experiment with drama and a little comedy. Paul "Triple H" Levesque gives a good performance about an ex-con trying to reconcile with his daughter as her field trip chaperone. Solid film

Claudette A (au) wrote: A strange movie that I couldn't understand.

Leo L (kr) wrote: Wow! I thought I had already rated this movie before, oh well. Great story plot. Great cast. Good music.

rain r (ru) wrote: James Ivory I liked to wacth it . Interesting story and good cast. Jack Nickholson playing

Anthony V (es) wrote: I know, I know. With a cast like this, how could it go wrong? Well, trust me, it does.

Muffin M (au) wrote: Yi-Lang (Jackie Chan) needs a manual which has been stolen from his temple in order to combat the 7 Fists'. In the wrong hands this knowledge could spell disaster so it's up to Jackie to track down the traitor and counter the deadly fight moves that the book has endowed upon the thief.also stars Chih-ping Chiang, Hsiu-yi Fang, Hong Hsu, Kuang Kao, Ching Fu Li, Hai Lung Li, Tung Chun Li and Wen Tai Li.directed by Lo Wei.

Gregory W (mx) wrote: quinn makes this one totally watchable

Bill M (de) wrote: Starts off easy and breezy enough, but wanders off into gorilla-suited Gilliganland. My advice is to turn it off after the octopus scene and quit while you're ahead.

Crystal (au) wrote: I have herd teh book is better, but in alot of ways I could relate to this movie

Christopher E (br) wrote: Not lock stock, but in the same league!