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Pendu B (es) wrote: Not a good movie. Direction, Acting are very low grade.

Vanessa D (it) wrote: The movie is loosely based on writer/director Debbie Goodstein(TM)s childhood experiences with her family, so it(TM)s kind of based on actual events. Joe Fine (who is Chazz Palminteri(TM)s character) has a great sense of pride for himself and his family and that pride can take the turn for good and bad since he sometimes lashes out at his family. His wife, Stella (Played by Andie MacDowell who I also love) is constantly defending her husband(TM)s behavior since he is the provider for the family and it takes a tole on the children since they feel their Mother is kind of like a door mat since she acts like their father can do no wrong.They have two children, two girls to be exact, named Maddie and Natalie. The oldest daughter is not afraid to speak her mind about her dislike for their father(TM)s behavior towards the family, while the younger daughter takes after her mother and constantly forgiving and defending him. The movie deals with the families struggle with their conflicting personalities and dealing with their relationship and bond as a family and the strain that Joe(TM)s personality and treatment of the family has on them.Chazz Palminteri is honestly amazing as this character and his performance truly makes the film shine.

Noble D (ru) wrote: interesting concept. not a bad directorial debut from zobel. strong performance from holliday. not hysterical, but funny. a good commentary on the american dream.

Evan K (nl) wrote: Didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. All the performances are great, though, especially Kingsley's.

Jesse F (ru) wrote: A childhood favorite. Lin Shaye is so damn funny and the four leads are pretty fantastic to.

H3 y QUL U D B3T QUL U D B3T EV HAD (de) wrote: bill was to sexxie in diuz movie

Logan M (us) wrote: John Wayne was always at his best in westerns. "El Dorado" breaks few familiar tropes, but it's essential viewing for fans of the legendary actor and his signature genre.

Andrew M (ru) wrote: Fun With Dick and Jane only somewhat lives up to its title: despite two good lead performances, the script isn't always as entertaining as it could be.

Zoran S (au) wrote: I am so glad I watched this again. Perfect. The dvd I watched looked great but it did have its share of issues with subtitles. What an amazing movie though.

Bubba M (de) wrote: Nonmusical version of the Broadway show "Wonderful Town"

Annette T (us) wrote: Excellent performance by Tom Hardy. Very moving.

Purav V (us) wrote: Great first half. Second half is crap, crap, mega crap.