An old farmer runs his farm the old fashioned way with no tractor and no machines, only his horses and cattle.

An old farmer runs his farm the old fashioned way with no tractor and no machines, only his horses and cattle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hästmannen torrent reviews

Linda B (kr) wrote: Had high expectations of this movie, but was left totally disappointed. Stunning cinematography and soundtrack. However, became utterly confused by both characters back stories. One to avoid.

kyo 9 (it) wrote: One of the craziest movie I've ever watched!The flow of the movie was really breath-taking and unimaginable!I thought it just a slow movie but the conflict part was really make this movie rocks! Bloods are everywhere in this movie= inmates story on how they end up in jail and stuff were really thoughtful.. Deserved an Oscar!

Ricky F (nl) wrote: Loved the movie. A working class woman moving the plot forward to come to see reality in a new light and bringing something new to stale academia in the process. One can see a definite parallel to Shaw's Pygmalion where Lisa set the plot in motion by seeking Higgins out and keeping things interesting throughout the movie. I especially liked that she did not go off and shack up with her professor, but made the choice to pursue her own life in her own way.

yash v (de) wrote: Directed by famous Robert Altman, a guy who inspired his actors to improve, this movie is about surgeons who use to treat wounded U.S. soldiers fighting in Korean War. Though the premise sounds like it is a serious movie, it is actually satirical black comedy set in background of Army Hospital.The movie follows three surgeons named Hawkeye, Trapper Joe and Duke, who spend their free time in womanizing and drinking. These three protagonists or "anti-hero" may be one of most unlikable characters to put on screen with not much of redeeming quality except the fact they are good surgeon who saves lives of soldiers. They like to break rules for their benefit and bully anyone they don't like or does not cooperate with them. Though the audience should be rooting for them as they are rebelling against authority which is strict, it is pretty difficult to root for them as the authority they are rebelling against is not so bad. I mean they get to play, womanize and drink in their free time. What makes rooting for them even harder is the fact that antagonists (Hot Lips and Colonel Blake) are actually likable character who are humiliated and bullied just for the sake of fun. The audience is supposed to laugh at these people but it is difficult to laugh when the pranks played to nice people are cruel and unnecessary. Here, not only lead characters are misogynist, but the whole movie's storyline in misogynist. Worst of all is the leading characters never feel ashamed for their cruel joke.Though the movie is often referred to "anti war satire", the movie does not feel anti war at all, because the protagonist does not suffer from war much but instead they are having time of their life. There is no excuse or good reason for their bad behavior.Saying all this, I am not saying movie is bad. The director was quite revolutionary for the technique used in movie, which sets the atmosphere of a dirty hospital and even brings to your world. If you want to see the movie for its direction, do watch this. But if you are expecting good humor, entertainment and a smile on your face, you will have hard time. You will enjoy this movie, only if you are ready to drop your moral and sanity.

Mikael H (us) wrote: people are dumb if they dont think this movie rules

Charles P (us) wrote: Underworld is so plotless, so unoriginal, and so uninterested in its slick vampires and bulky werewolves, perhaps because its interests lie in stylized special effects, a flurry of gunfire, and lots and lots of rain.

Tommaso C (ag) wrote: Aw, l'amore fraterno ai tempi della gore-era. Molto meno simpatico di Brain Damage, molto pi inquietante (il fratello e le sue urla ricordano un po' l'uomo elefante ;_;). Mi sento stupido a giudicare film del genere perch mi faccio prendere dai sentimentalismi e dalla tenerezza, mettendo in secondo piano i litri di sangue versati, le urla, gli occhi sbarrati e il grottesco. Ma che ci volete fare, sono un romanticone. carino, dai.