Hataw tatay hataw

Hataw tatay hataw

Tells the story of a middle-aged bellboy whose long-lost daughter returns from the U.S. to visit her father who disguises himself as the hotel owner to impress her. Along for the ride is hotel coworker Carol and the bellboy's adopted son Boyet. There is a running gag involving a wheelchair bound customer who keeps getting in accidents with the bellboy and his coworkers.

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Matt H (ag) wrote: First one was good,but this was bad. Worst take on joker yet. In PC terms it was great.new idea new take. In my opinion, joker shouldn't be gay.

Andrew S (ru) wrote: Ben Stiller's character is pretty dull along with the story.

Chris D (fr) wrote: It's a sweet little quasi-romantic flick.

Brian M (nl) wrote: Quirky film made worthwhile by the effervescent Laura Dern and the always reliable Robert Duvall.

Pang Y (nl) wrote: Have yet to finish it completely, but it is a very thought provoking movie.... maybe if i was a guy i'd connect with it better?

Daniel D (au) wrote: Yeah, this is no 80's classic, but it's still a pretty nice film. Interesting look at the day to day dilemmas in education.

Mark G (kr) wrote: There are femmes fatales you wouldn't mind being killed by and then there's Lizabeth Scott.

Luke H (es) wrote: The boys hit a haunted house in this delightful comedy.

Celia B (jp) wrote: Entertaining indie horror/comedy with lots of laughs in the vein of 'Scary Movie'...but I do love Gary Cole in just about anything. Worth the watch.