Hatchet II: Behind the Screams

Hatchet II: Behind the Screams

A video documentary short detailing the entire production of Hatchet II with an in depth look at the cast and crew behind the screams.

A video documentary short detailing the entire production of Hatchet II with an in depth look at the cast and crew behind the screams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hatchet II: Behind the Screams torrent reviews

Alan S (fr) wrote: Drawn out and depressing. I wanted to leave the theaters after 25 minutes.

Ian M (jp) wrote: This movie sounds interesting, and I like Master Bale!!

Dits L (ca) wrote: Mucho tiempo sin verla. Olvidaba lo espectacular que es esta pelcula.

Tyler H (us) wrote: I can't even believed I watched this. First off you don't have the guy who played the genie in the first two so that pretty much makes your movie suck right off the bat. Then you push that thing about the genie fighting an angel? Really? She has to kill him with a sword from heaven? Yeah great message violence is the answer. Plus, why is it all of sudden the genie is from hell? I mean in the first two it seemed like he would just be free to use his ultimate power however he wanted now it's just like he is Satan's friend or something. You know what it's not worth overanzalyzing the movie sucks I hate it the only thing I wish for is that it didn't exist so I would have never had to see it!

Allan C (us) wrote: A group of students take a trip to Eastern Europe with their professor to witness a sacred pagan ritual, but quickly learn that their professor indents for them to be sacrificed at said ritual. The professor also takes a special interest in one virginal co-ed, since a virgin sacrifice is something special for bringing Satan to life. Most of the film takes place on a possessed train and includes a lot of low budget gore, which is kind of fun if that's your sort of thing. The story however is pretty still when the main suspense of the film involved whether the virginal co-ed will have sex before Satan returns to take over the world. This film is by no means a good horror film, but for fans of cheap Italian horror, it does have some appealing elements. There is some vivid color photography, quirky European settings, and there's also some kind of fun use of low budget miniature sets. I enjoyed this film, which actually bears no connection to the first two "Beyond the Door" films, but I would not recommend it for anyone who's not a fan of Euro Horror.

Byron B (de) wrote: This movie weird-ed me out. Robards doesn't have much screen time though his character is part of the title. La Mat plays a really odd guy who I didn't understand much. And Mary Steenburgen plays a stripper!? She thinks she dances really well and supposedly everyone around her gives her positive feedback, but she doesn't. I guess it's kind of funny, but not really, to watch all these sad hopeless people.

Sean G (mx) wrote: I don't usually care for wierd experimental films, but this one was interesting. Shima Iwashita playing the roles of prostitute -and- wife did an amazing job.

Christopher B (br) wrote: A must see if you like any of these gals - even though you wouldn't think they'd work well together they come off as real, if somewhat backstabbing, friends. Just don't feint.

Ryan L (ru) wrote: When it comes to the entire Zombie Apocalypse genre, it has to have a fresh spin on things. This is not that. Nor is it exactly a Zombie Apocalypse. It is however a mass social media experiment with subliminal messaging that has infected an entire world. How, why? I don't know... This flick shouldn't have taken itself so seriously, and played it up to our now unlimited resources of making things Pop.

Brian R (kr) wrote: movies like this with actors like this grew Brad Pitt to who he is now

Robert S (ca) wrote: Lots of fun in this clash of cultures.