Hate Story 2

Hate Story 2

The movie is a revenge thriller with Surveen Chawla playing the protagonist in a complete new bold, sexy avatar and is willing to cross any boundaries to take revenge for her lover's (Jay) death. The bold film is noted for its frank portrayal of sex and explicit language. Hate story 2 goes further into the murky world of Mumbai's dirty politics. The plot thickens with even more bold content and the director hopes to push the envelope with the film into the grey shades that Bollywood rarely explores - the politics of sex.

Hate Story 2 follows Sonika who is willing to cross any boundaries to take revenge on a powerful and influential political leader Mandar Mhatre who forcefully abused her and left her for dead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hate Story 2 torrent reviews

Robert S (mx) wrote: Well done . The political and anti-Catholic stuff is over the top.

vanessa h (gb) wrote: easily one of the best films ive seen this millennium - Must See, regardless of age-group

Max H (it) wrote: I'll say it, I didn't feel that vibe I did in all the seasons. I felt that this movie was more a devotion to answer the fan's questions than to actually make a great finale. Prison Break will always be a good show no doubt about it, but I just wished that they hadn't rushed to make this ending, this should've been a season instead of an exaggeratedly fast paced movie. The movie did not leave any breathing room for character development. All it did was go from Point A to Point B which isn't something that movie fanatics look for. You want to make a good movie, a good finish, you take time and you finish it right. The way it was meant to be ended. Nonetheless I will give it two stars as a devotion of my gratitude to the 4 Prison Break seasons that kept me watching till the end. There were some truly amazing concepts but I will try to think that this movie never existed.

Tom R (it) wrote: A very touching story..

John M (gb) wrote: This is an amazing story that very few have seen. Check it out.

Allison G (ru) wrote: I don't care- I liked this movie.

Charles G (gb) wrote: A story that has been done very often; howevfer; it still was fun to watch due to the cast.

Christer A (br) wrote: Fun, but pretty stupid compared to the first one.

jeremy s (es) wrote: scene: minnie talks to much older gal-pal

Roland J (mx) wrote: Njae, not my cup of tea. Den har frvisso lite charm i settingen, men r ju inte mycket till film. Ganska smflamsig historia om brazil locals som jassar och svassar till slagverksdrivet ackompanjemang. Pojke mter flicka med lite frvecklingar p vgen.

Jamie C (br) wrote: Ok film same thing over and over again Now though, No real plot but it's funny in places.

David S (ca) wrote: I wouldn't know what it would be like to be In her shoes women's feet are smaller then men's