Hatfield and McCoy

Hatfield and McCoy

Traveling the country, finding the craziest and most outrageous stunts.

Traveling the country, finding the craziest and most outrageous stunts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hatfield and McCoy torrent reviews

Matija S (br) wrote: .....This movie is absolutely terrible. The concept of the film is good but everything else is terrible, especially the acting.

Wayne K (jp) wrote: Absolutely amazing! A must watch for any music fan of any genre!

Evan L (ru) wrote: bad acting. bad storyline. not scary.

Dominic S (de) wrote: There was bound to be a stereotypical and promiscuously gay version of American Pie. I feel like this succeeded with that concept of what it tried to be. I feel like since this wasn't released in theaters and also is rated R, this is more of a porno than a gay spin off of American Pie. There were butts and penises going everywhere for goodness sake. Another Gay Movie, I give you a 50%.

PapaKenn N (fr) wrote: Its so bad it hurts my kidney.

Cynthia S (ru) wrote: It takes a lot for a movie to rehash the whole hiding a Jew and suffering the wrath of the Germans theme....in that sense, this movie is unique. There is a subtle comical flair to the whole movie, with the background score never displaying any tension. The character sketches are well developed and the story...a little light-hearted for the most part. However, I cannot say that it meets, or surpasses, the standards expected out of a Nazi themed movie.

Nat P (fr) wrote: amazing amazing amazing. damn amazing!'In Xanadu did Kubla KhanA stately pleasure-dome decree'this film is incredible. i still got it on an old VHS recorded off Sky somewhere at home. Thanx Dad. All kids shud watch this film.

Jim H (kr) wrote: A mother and her daughter struggle to survive WWII in Italy.I don't have a lot to say about this film. I find it to be a film that I know I should like or at least respect, but I can't see what's so great or what's bad about it. Memorable moments like the film's ending and Sophia Loren's constantly defiant grimace are what will stay with me when I think of this film. I can tell that it's anti-war and an example of Italian cinema's neorealism, and while the film isn't inaccessible, it's not exactly common fodder either.Overall, I think I should stop writing; it's best to do so when one doesn't have anything intelligent to say.

Kieran F (es) wrote: The second best Jim Carey film, hilarious throughout

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Could be very detailed and a good story there by the synopsis.