Assistant Commissioner of Police Suraj Chauhan wants to eliminate crime from his region by bringing all criminals to justice. His crime reporter brother, Arun attempt to expose the criminal...

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Suraj Chauhan (Govinda) is an earnest, honest, and diligent police officer. These qualities in him are regarded by apprehension by corrupt politicians like... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hathkadi torrent reviews

Private U (kr) wrote: It pretty much sucks. And not like most lesbian movies that suck but it's nice to see yourself represented in the media (that, and girl-on-girl sex scenes.. yey). No, no, this one just plain sucks. Coming out and staying out teenager drama. Bleeeh.

Jaclyn L (es) wrote: I really liked this one, good coming of age tale. Jared Leto is so young!

Samantha S (fr) wrote: Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis Jr. - how can you go wrong?

Whitney B (us) wrote: This was your typical dance movie. It had the sad story of some washed up coach teaching kids a life lesson and realizing it through the movie. It's been done and played the fuck out. It wasn't bad, but 100% predictable.

Matthew C (ag) wrote: Halloween 2 is definitely a disappointing sequel because of how much it relies on gore instead of suspense. But, it is still set in a creepy place and I enjoyed the ending to this film very much. Overall an okay sequel that pales in comparison to the original.