Hathyar: Face to Face with Reality

Hathyar: Face to Face with Reality

Hathyar is a narrative which probes into the household of Raghunath, a dreaded gangster. His bereaved son Rohit has to face a lot of flak from the outside world, repeatedly reminding him of the stigma attached to his family because of his father's past. Just like his father, circumstances force Rohit to become a gangster and he gets the name Boxer Bhai. Rohit has weaknesses, he cannot stand any woman being called a prostitute, because his mom, Sonu was one, and he has fallen hard for a married woman, Gauri, who is enduring a marriage with a physically abusive spouse. Rohit snatches her out of this abusive relationships and remarries her. But Rohit's problems are far from over. There is a change in the political scenario and Rohit does not find support from any godfather. He is ordered to be arrested - dead or alive.

This is the story of the Shivalkar family. Stigmatized as a family of criminals, thugs, and gangleaders, each generation is subjected to the same oppression and the vicious circles created ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hathyar: Face to Face with Reality torrent reviews

Hoyee L (gb) wrote: It was a heart warming story. I would recommend this movie to everybody.

Maulik B (ca) wrote: The story was ok. Shabana Azmi's acting was good at most times. Loved the Karnatic music in the movie. The whole movie was predicting - I figured out what was going to happen throughout the movie after I saw the bus accident. I'm gonna give an extra star for the music.

Jessica M (gb) wrote: much tragedy.. :( but at least it wasn't a totally sad ending..realistic though.. show how stupid decisions can completely change people's lives.. people grow old, mature, and not always the way it could had been or they've expected.. but people go on living, finding happiness wherever they can.. that's life.

Grant S (au) wrote: Made 10 years after the classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, this attempts to fill in the history that preceded the events in that movie. It also attempts to capture the hunour and quirkiness of the original. It fails.This movie is fairly boring and lame. It has its moments, but does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the original. In addition, Tom Berenger and William Katt are certainly not in the same league as Paul Newman and Robert Redford. In fact, both actors were relatively unknown when cast in the lead roles. The charm, sensitivity and interesting characters of the original are missing.Don't be fooled, this is not a patch on the original.

Aj V (ru) wrote: This is a remarkable movie, and a great performance from Stanwyck. I highly recommend this movie.

christina m (ca) wrote: Love this movie! It never gets old for me.

Ali J (nl) wrote: This is a dark, depressing, excessively violent, profusely profane film, not for the squeamish or anyone who likes elevating entertainment

Don S (mx) wrote: I really don't mind taking chances on low-budget movies. It is like panning for gold. Every now and then you get a nugget. This isn't that time. This was made in 16 days for $100,000. The acting is okay, but someone needed to write a story that viewers could follow. The trip into the forest seemed pointless, and the end result of the trip was never in doubt. Nice try, but fail.