Hating kapatid

Hating kapatid


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ring,   maid,   police,  

Rica (Judy Ann Santos) has been very protective of her sister Cecil (Sarah Geronimo) even giving up her one true love Bong JC de Vera for her sisters future and after a freak accident 8 years ago at their little Party store for Fireworks, but as they grow up under the care of their grandmother Gina Pareño their parents comeback Tonton Gutierrez and Cherry Pie Picache as they comeback and they are all grown up Rica has a fear that she's losing Cecil's love as a sister and who raised her like a parent, and even falling in love for Edzel Luis Manzano will the sisters grow apart after having people come into their lives? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bobby w (nl) wrote: I really liked this movie, don't see why such a harsh rating. Two greats with Paula Patton... An amazing movie

Chip H (es) wrote: A goofy romp coming of age movie. Didn't really come together for me.

Graeme H (fr) wrote: As I remember, it didn't compare to Get Shorty, but that doesn't say much. Cliched and poorly cast against Leonard's novel.

Matthew A (kr) wrote: not much redemptive about this one

Kalin G (es) wrote: True, it's a bit cheesy. True, it's very far-fetched and too smart to be real. But, God, this movie is amazing. I love the dialogues. It goes straight to my favourites.

Stacey R (fr) wrote: Another SPIKE LEE classic !

Michael S (gb) wrote: A wasted opportunity. With this concept, this cast, and Harold Ramis ("Groundhog Day") directing, this looked like a sure-fire hit. Instead it's a very average comedy. Michael Keaton's high wire performance as 4 versions of himself is not enough to save it.

Lucas G (mx) wrote: It feels like there are two films in one, the first of them being interesting when the second one is just not funny or bright.

Robert I (kr) wrote: This movie inspired me to make the best short film ever. If these guys can make a craptastic low budget action movie, then so can I! And I did.

Lucas N (it) wrote: Endlessly quotable and fun, this is one of the most criminally unheard of movies I've ever seen.

Liy D (ag) wrote: I had seen this movie a while back, but just saw it again. I loved it for many reasons and think it is a fantastic film.

Matt C (nl) wrote: I always thought the Penguins were the weakest element of a kids film franchise that massively outstayed it's welcome, I therefore wasn't exactly champing at the bit to watch this one with my 3 year old. he loved it though and to be honest so did I. It's genuinely funny, surprisingly so and has a zany but amusing plot. Lovely Sunday afternoon fare.

Darine S (br) wrote: Just what I expected from Isabel Allende story wise & just what i expected from the Cast acting wise ... but still something was missing ...winder what that was??

Devin G (gb) wrote: Excellent move, well done. Showed you the human and vulnerable side of Janis and how her determination to be accepted and loved by people at times drover her to the pinnacle of her craft but also destroyed her from the inside out.