Hatsu yume

Hatsu yume

A series of shots showing the majesty of Japan.

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  • Uploader:Itachi8x
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Bill Viola
  • Writer:Bill Viola (creator)

A series of shots showing the majesty of Japan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hatsu yume torrent reviews

Maha M (it) wrote: The leading girl is very beautiful but the film wasn't good

Christopher H (mx) wrote: An amazingly moving film! It shows not only the plight of the children and the adults in this part of India, but also presents a realistic portrayal of two mens' struggles to get out of themselves and grow to appreciate these children and face the judgement people cast upon them out of the peoples' own ignorance and continue to love these children no matter WHAT anyone else thought.

Ariel V (au) wrote: I watch this movie so many times that my mother gets tired of it lol. Awesome movie.

Hans J E (gb) wrote: one of the best documentaries I've seen in a while. really, really interesting.

Anthony H (kr) wrote: I love French movies and I have been a fan of Monsieur Jeunet for a long while now. This movie has the right amount of quirkiness and romance and fun. It's a definite must see and must add to your collection.

Johnny N (br) wrote: Director lacked the skills to show this film of to is full potential.

Igor A (au) wrote: mnogu interesen film na Danny Boyle, vredi da se pogledne

Joyceann L (it) wrote: i wanna watch this but it dosent make me watch it??Someone help me ?

WS W (nl) wrote: Not a very interesting narrative.

Jose N (de) wrote: A guy in love with a minor: sounds hieretical, right? Okay, watch it and see which side you take. I love the somehow presence of Gus Van Sant, my favorite director, in the movie.

Private U (kr) wrote: Buena pelicula que refleja parte de la vida de esstudiantes de medicina... recomendable

Tom R (it) wrote: This truly is my favourite movie of all time. It has every possible thing I love about movies; the cast is fantastic, I love the end chemistry between Tom Hanks' and Leonardo Dicapro's characters, Spielberg's direction is some of the best I've ever seen (and I don't usually love Spielberg movies). How this movie didn't win everything it was nominated for I will never know, I also truly believe Dicaprio's performance in this movie was oscar-worthy and he wasn't even nominated for this one. Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie you need to, it's fantastic

Scott K (ru) wrote: On par with anything Cassavetes has done (which means it's a masterpiece). No dead space whatsoever, I enjoyed every second of it. Possibly the greatest romantic comedy ever made.

Elijah K (it) wrote: really like the movie

John B (br) wrote: I enjoyed this movie and though it was a great throw back to the days of when I played video games so I could relate to the story. Great cast too.

Lulu G (nl) wrote: Lol stupid cheesy but still kinda funny