A teenager is stuck in a time loop that is not quite the same each time. She must uncover the truth but her actions have consequences for herself and others.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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An introvert teen befriends his new neighbor, and together the couple begin to explore the haunted house that his family has just purchased. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Haunt torrent reviews

MaLinda P (es) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in a long time! Strong women, amazing story.

Troy K (jp) wrote: I didn't think it was anything like the first one...turned it off.

Jenn M (nl) wrote: This was a great movie. Totally wasn't expecting to cry.

Dale H (jp) wrote: nothing outstanding but some humour that was enjoyable.

Faceless V (us) wrote: An intriguing plot which eventually succumbs to bad direction, unbearable pacing and unnecessary events. [3/10]

Lisa W (gb) wrote: I wanted it to be better.

Akash G (kr) wrote: I liked it. Although everything is just wrong about the way this is made.

Peter P (ag) wrote: Good acting from Dano and De Niro, although the story dragged a bit in the middle.

Rod G (jp) wrote: Pueda que "Bubble Boy" este saturada de raros personajes y chistes tanto ofensivos como poco comunes, pero aun as mantiene el inters de la audiencia en la travesa de este chico encapsulado.

Alexandra L (ag) wrote: Bonne histoire avec une belle vue sur la sculpturale (facon de parler) Anna Levine (ou Anna Thomson dans les pays francophones).

Hanne H (de) wrote: I so wanna see this one!!Love Erik Thomson. And of course love Nicholas Hammond in The Sound of Music. I am so looking forward to the new series with Erik and Rebecca.

Ken O (it) wrote: Wow! The epic sequel delivers with a twist. Lush cinematography, incredible dialogue, brillantly acted, like a visceral poem coming to life. Emmanualle Beart's debut film performance, (stunningly beautiful actress) and a fine performance it is. Highly recommended.

Markku R (ag) wrote: Hilarious satire of Italian television.

Donald W (jp) wrote: This movie was originally a couple of TV episodes on the old Disney TV show. It was made about the time I was born and this version was released to the theaters after it came out on TV. I have this movie on a Disney Laserdisc. When I was about in the second grade these Davy Crockett shows were re-run on NBC's Wonderful World of Color. At the time my family went to Sunday night church at 6:30 and the Wonder World of Color started at 6:00; therefore, I only got to watch the first 15 or 20 minutes of each show. I remember watching parts of this movie on TV back then and I remember my friends talking about this episode at school the next day. The Davy Crockett shows were aimed at young boys. It's the kind of show that they don't make anymore. There is some violence in the form of fist fights and gun fights that they won't put in kid's shows today. The Indians were stereo types but in one respect accurate because Davy Crockett says the Chickasaw were friendly and they had horses. That's historically accurate. The Indians in the movie were actually white river pirates disguised as Indians. The movie is supposed to be set in 1810 but they act like Davy Crockett is already famous. Davy Crockett didn't become famous until the War of 1812. In 1810 Davy Crockett was an anonymous bear hunter living in the eastern Tennessee Mountains. The other character in the movie is Mike Fink. They made Mike Fink out to be an urban keel boat captain. The real Mike Fink was a frontier woodsman not that different than Davy Crockett. He was a local character in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. He may have met Davy Crockett once. The real Mike Fink was 16 years older than Davy Crockett. In 1810 Davy Crockett would have been 24 and Mike Fink would have been 40. The story in the movie is pure fiction. Mike Fink was a much more colorful character than Davy Crockett. He worked a few years on keel boats on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers until the arrival of the steamboats. He was murdered on a trip to the Rocky Mountains in 1823. Davy Crockett was a much more charismatic character and used the fame he achieved in the Indian wars during and after the War of 1812 to run for Congress. He was elected to Congress the same year Mike Fink was killed. Crockett started out as a supporter of Andrew Jackson and even helped subdue the assassin who tried to kill Jackson. After Crockett opposed Jackson's Indian Removal Act and almost defeated it, Jackson sent his Democrat Party political machine to Crockett's district and had him defeated after six years in Congress. With his political career ruined Crockett went to Texas to help his old friend Sam Houston and wound up at the Alamo where he was killed by Santa Anna.

Tim V (it) wrote: A neat bit of a goof to build up solidarity as the US worked up its wartime fever. it's a great take on what a non political groundswell movement can be.

Zoran S (ag) wrote: It's no Duck Soup (well, what is? ) but it has enough moments of inspired Surrealist mania to be worth watching. I especially like the scenes with Harpo chasing a turkey in the hotel rooms.

Nancy J (au) wrote: A surprising gem of a movie. Surprising because I had no idea that it was a religious movie... Mormon to be exact. A good story with believable characters and an interesting look into the people's daily lives. It dealt with serious and violent issues in a most considerate way, in that it didn't starlight the violence as much as it did the characters' hopes and transformation, as well as God's miraculous hands on their lives. More background on the church's involvement, or lack thereof, would have leant more understanding for the audience about the Mormon organization. Being a non-Mormon Christian, I would have gotten more from some background, instead of just the bit of interaction with the church's organization at the beginning and end of the movie. Glad I saw this though, as I'd be surprised if it lasts much longer in the theaters.

Brandon R (es) wrote: A great movie, kind of weird in places but definitely a classic Harrison Ford movie

Matt B (ru) wrote: It's very funny and Zach Braff's quirky style of filmmaking is sweet, but overall the story of Wish I Was Here has just been done too many times before.

Blake P (de) wrote: There's something to be said about any adventure movie from the 1950s, and with "River of No Return," there are three characteristics about it that come to mind. 1) It's infectious in its lightweight popcorn fare attitude, 2) the photography is gorgeous, and 3) everything on display is a tad corny. Never mind the offensive stereotypes of Indians, the obviously fake special effects, and Marilyn Monroe's distracting hair extension; "River of No Return" reminds us that a movie can be a lot of fun, even if it isn't the best thing in the world. Set in the Canadian Rockies during the gold craze of the 1800s, the film follows Matt Calder (Robert Mitchum), a farmer hoping to find his young son Mark (Tommy Rettig) after a jail sentence. When he arrives in a small town, he finds that Mark has befriended blonde saloon singer Kay (Monroe). As this is a Mitchum/Monroe vehicle, we all know that the film isn't going to leave the leading lady in the beginning of the film. And of course, it doesn't. Once Matt and Mark return to their rural cabin in the middle of the Rockies, they come across Kay and her fianc Harry (Rory Calhoun) on a sinking raft. Just as Matt helps them, Harry beats him up and steals his only horse to make a quick gold-claim. Kay stays behind to help the hurt Matt, and before long the three travel down the faulty raft downriver, in hopes to catch up with Harry and serve him a cold dish of revenge. This obviously isn't the best film for anybody involved (maybe for charming child actor Rettig), but "River of No Return" isn't so bad that it's hard to bear. Sure, Otto Preminger has directed many, many better films, but he makes scrumptious use of the eye-catching scenery and easily manages to thrill us as the main characters go down the scary rapids of the River of No Return. And Monroe certainly fits the musical comedy spectrum much better, but she's very good as the tough saloon singer with a heart of gold. She contrasts well with the ultra-masculine Mitchum, whose gravelly attitude bounces right off her effortlessly sexy persona. It could also be said that the film was made to show off the abilities of the relatively new Cinemascope process, aka widescreen Technicolor, but there is nothing regrettable about that. The film takes place in the Rocky Mountains during the 1840s Gold Rush, and the western setting is delicious to look at. There are times when the "River of No Return" focuses on the saloon areas, where cowboys grab a drink and jeer at the latest lounge singer; others revolve around the "country," with emerald pine trees, crystal-like rivers, and dirt-covered rocks. No matter, the Cinemascope, paired with Preminger's thoughtful direction, compliments the decadent scenery in a way that makes you feel as though you'll living in some sort of paradise. Faults aside, "River of No Return" is fun, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'd take a flawed film starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe any day over a tired, modern Hollywood blockbuster.