An introverted teen sparks with his new neighbor, and together the couple begins to explore the haunted house that is family has unknowingly just purchased.

A family of five moves into a beautiful, sprawling dream home. One problem: it';s cursed, having caused the deaths of the previous family to occupy it, leaving only one survivor. The moody 18-year-old son befriends his new neighbor, and together the couple begin to explore the haunted house that his family has just purchased. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen R (ca) wrote: I found this film entertaining and would watch it again. Thankfully it did not contain the usual box office seller genre of sex and drugs. It made a profit and yet was somewhat slated. I enjoyed it.

Dann M (de) wrote: Revenge of the Electric Car is a rather pedantic documentary that stretches for material. The film follows the re-emergence of electric car technology in the wake of the 2006 abandonment of the GM EV1. When the electric car appeared to have lost the fight to be the alternative energy vehicle of the future, Tesla Motors rises to prominence along with the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf. Though this film documents an interesting chapter in the quest for alternative energy vehicles, there's not enough material or distance to objectively analyze the situation. A lot of it is just PR for the car companies, which hurts the "documentary" aspect of the film. Though Revenge of the Electric Car is vastly inferior to the much more compelling original (Who Killed the Electric Car?), this follow-up film explores some interesting topics.

meril l (ag) wrote: Tenzin Zopa is a monk with a beautiful spirit, and watching him search for the reincarnation of his master is an awe-inspiring and emotionally bittersweet journey.

nuntanut e (it) wrote: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!

Kane T (br) wrote: (4 out of 5 Stars) Watching this, 2 things came to mind: (1) How sometimes we have to change in order to be ourselves, and (2) The film is just like a sandbox-video game, where the player has one main quest, but spends 90% of the time wandering around the city on little (sometimes trivial) quests, building up their character all the while. It was really a joy seeing Moonie evolve throughout the film as well as the family's development as they're pulled through her "master plan." The believable performances and subtle insights into adolescent behavior were also gratifying.

Damien K (ca) wrote: No-all-that-great adaptation of a good-but-not-his-best book by Vonnegut; Lukas Haas is good, as he almost always is.

Thrse F (fr) wrote: Not at all interested

Rik H (mx) wrote: Good campy fun with Rocky and Kung Fu.

Nik B (ru) wrote: As another reviewer said, "The 'Casablanca' of movies with 'clam' in the title." Certainly the worst Elvis movie I've seen so far. A rich oil tycoon's son leaves home to pretend to be poor so that he can find purpose and a girl that loves him for him. He gets a job as a ski instructer and falls for a girl who happens to be anabashed golddigger. While she sets her sights on the rich boat champion, he decides to win her heart- not by showing how much money he really has; but by winning the big boat race. What? Crazy friends and family chew dialogue with rediculous southern accents. Another main reason to watch Elvis movies are Elvis ladies. This is Shelley Fabares third E-joint, but she's totally phoning it in. So's Elvis of course, but that's fair. She was much perkier in previous films. Also, no real reason for this to be called "Clambake". Completely unnecessary and not-pivotal short song scene. It's not even a beach movie. "Blue Hawaii" was stupid too, but was excellently directed as a completely on-location Hawaiin travelogue. In between this film's studio scenes are drab and murky FLA beach shots. Avoid.

Allan C (br) wrote: Watching this film reminded me of the white clamshell VHS cases of all the 60s and 70s Disney films at the video store during my video store clerk days (i.e. "Candleshoe," "North Avenue Irregulars", "Blackbeard's Ghost," etc.). Like most of those films, this film is not exactly a classic, but were typically inoffensive and easily forgettable comedies. Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette play dog owners raising their respective dogs to eventually show at competitions, but Pleshette's dachshund cause all sorts of trouble that Jones' great dane gets blamed for, which is where the film tries to derive most of it's comedy. This film really didn't make me laugh much, but I did watch it with my 4-year old who found the antics of the dogs hilarious and I suppose she was probably more of this film's target audience than I was. Though the best kids films, such as Pixar films, work well for both kids and adults, this film film is squarely targeting kids and and it seems pointless to complain about the film's multiple climaxes, gaps in logic, or the lack of story arc, so I'll just say that kids will probably enjoy this film and adults will at least not be annoyed by the film, which is better than most kids films (I'm looking at you, Minions!). Mako appears as a teenager, which seemed really funny, and Charles Lane appears as a Dog Show Judge. It's also worth mentioning that George Bruns' score was very comforting and familiar, since he seemed to have scored most every Disney film of this era.

Jia D (nl) wrote: You are what you do. A man is defined by his actions; not by his memories. Oh yes!!