Haunted Forest

Haunted Forest

The Indian descendent Sean comes to a forest with his friends Josh and Flipp trying to find the track to a mysterious cursed tree and a secret burial ground.

The Indian descendent Sean comes to a forest with his friends Josh and Flipp trying to find the track to a mysterious cursed tree and a secret burial ground. His grandfather wrote a journal... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hans L (it) wrote: The Freudian stuff here is, well typically Freudian: human beings are defined by what they lack and what trouble them rather than what they are agents of and what empowers them. But David Seigel and Scott McGehee's neo-noir is simply the dogs bollocks. The plot is standard: amnesia and self doubt, an investigation, a revelation. But it centres on two identical brothers who are played by two different actors: one black, one white. To further compound things it is shot in oozing monochrome and resurrects the pressing concerns of the Expressionists in film. In film theory suture refers to how narrative cinema "stitches" the audience into character perspectives by using the shot-counter shot device.

Zoran S (gb) wrote: It's quite good at times but I just think it's not nearly as strong as other Mann/ Stewart films like The Naked Spur, The Man From Laramie, or Winchester '73

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