Haunting of the Innocent

Haunting of the Innocent

Tom and Brenda have the perfect life but when Brenda is violently attacked in the comfort of their home, their perfect lives are thrown into chaos and fear.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Tom and Brenda have the perfect life but when Brenda is violently attacked in the comfort of their home, their perfect lives are thrown into chaos and fear. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Haunting of the Innocent torrent reviews

Damion H (us) wrote: Yes! Brilliant, By grounding the film in a haunted house-style horror movie and making Chucky a creepy doll again, while still maintaining the warped humour that the first three films had.

Robert B (es) wrote: I have to give this terrible movie a little bit of credit for a few laughs (mostly due to the horrible voice-over work) and the occasional bit of solid gore (he took his face... off!). Other than that, what the hell is this? If's a serious horror movie, it's far too silly. If it's a parody, it's funny for all the wrong reasons. Although it's possible that everything is as intended, in which case... bravo?

Pamela G (ru) wrote: A friend recommended this movie because it's funny and because the Aniston character reminded him of me. LOL. Yup i did notice that. Chick-flicks are not my usual fare, but i really enjoyed this.

Ollie M (gb) wrote: One of the most fun movies you'll ever see. WTF movie these stuck up reviewers saw I'll never know.

Dana D (ca) wrote: You know a movie is rotten when they decide that the phrase "Holy smoke!" is a perfect title for the movie. It sounds interesting though.

Dean M (ca) wrote: Steve McQueen doesn't give a great performance in his next-to-last motion picture, about the last days of a real-life Wyoming bounty hunter, nor does director William Wiard craft a memorable Western. The movie has its moments here and there but results to be a little bit tiring and slow-moving. It's a melancholy chronicle and near bittersweet dealing with the last exploits of Horn who is shown as hired hand to eliminate some rustlers. Good support cast who provides the best moments as Richard Farnsworth, Slim Pickens and Billy Green Bush, and a beautiful Linda Evans.At the end of the movie is a 1904 quote from Coble, saying that that Tom was not guilty of the crime of which he was accused and convicted. That's what I thought he was.

Ben E (nl) wrote: At times, hilariously odd and bad but amazing nonetheless. Over-the-top and excruciatingly violent, Bronson tackles the white buffalo along side Crazy Horse himself.

David W (gb) wrote: Young Frankenstein is a goofy, silly film that feels like a sequel to the original with Gene Wilder's brilliant performance of wackiness to the flair. Also, the ensemble cast, they were all funny

Carlos I (br) wrote: Another expertly handled early picture from Spielberg. Here he tackles the road movie, that was popular at the time, and I'm surprised at how engaging it still is, despite the constraints of having to tell a true story.

Cookie b (jp) wrote: i used to watch the series on the sci-fi channel when I was in elementary school...needless to say I was a weird child.

Johnny J (ru) wrote: Outstanding, beautiful and about as good a revenge western can get!