A woman haunted by psychosexual nightmares begins to believe her father is responsible for a series of scissor-murders.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   occult,   village,  

May Britt plays a seemingly innocent farm girl convinced that her slovenly uncle (Cameron Mitchell) is the man responsible for the bloody scissor-murders of several local girls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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007 W (br) wrote: Ghostbusters is really good, it's funny and so much fun and definitely better than the rebooted version

Nexus F (us) wrote: Watch for a good laugh at the awful special effects and acting.

Ana H (ca) wrote: Debo confesarlo: en la escena de la persecusin, Richard Gere con traje gris parece un ex-candidato presidencial (obvio, en versin bonita)

Adam E (es) wrote: silly really silly and pretty dull up until the end when at least the sillyness is humorous! The lead is awfull. He dresses weird, he acts odd, he bleeds blood every where and falls down a lot and has weird sense in clothes. Hes dull as dishwater but his missis and most of the women on the island think hes the bomb! not beliveable in the slightest. Then theres some bizarre stuff later on about why he needs something to make him better (yep its something stupid!) and it all ties into somethings living in the underground that have started to attack the locals when he turned up on the island. It plays a little bit like a mix between dead and buried (weird locals) and blood beach or tremours (holes pop up in the ground and swallow people up!). rutger hauer is in it and walks through his part but hes fun to watch (ill watch him in anything!). When we see the monsters they are awesome. really really bad but awesome. no legs monster mask monsters popping up to have a battle on the beach is cheesey heaven. peope get slashed up a bit and the whole thing turns into a panto. The ending is silly and makes sense but only in the way that there is a very thin layer of logic to it but its actually a big bag of balls! Ludicrus fun and not as atmospheric as you know they intended it to be!

Mustapha G (br) wrote: In one word Madadayo is: Watchable. It's very subtle like Kurosawa's older samurai movies. Being that it was his last movie, it seemed as if Kurosawa was retelling his own life story through what medium he knew best.The camera lens. For the most part the movie had classic Kurosawa shots but the Nura scene was unnecessary as it didn't fit in as well as I would have liked it. The scene was 40+ minutes of footage over the loss of a cat which wasn't alluded to at the end of the movie. If a director chooses to devote that much time surrounding one main idea in the middle of a film such as the agony and despair of a lost cat, then it would have been wise to show the final dream sequence were the professor as a child reunites with the Nura. Or at least that's the way I would have ended it. All in all, it was a sub-par movie. It surely wasn't one of his greatest works, but I believe the last scene was interesting being that the sky/cloud background was actually painted by Kurosawa himself, further intertwining the film with his own life.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: A very interesting concept. Actually intriqued by this. What if you could stop your heart to simulate a temporary death, and then be revived so you could describe your near-death experience to others?

Oliver S (us) wrote: Amusing subtle comedy. Stands up well 30 years on.

Eric R (es) wrote: Ali has just been released from prison into a country which is stirring with political unrest as there is much talk of change in the streets. Ali tries hard to spend as much time as possible with his wife and daughter, even though he works a night job at the factory. Tragedy strikes when Ali finds out that his wife has been killed during a shootout between the police and a group of activists, leaving his daughter missing in the process. While searching for his daughter he learns of her fate, which quickly pushes him over the edge. The Hunter is a bleak, dark, minimalistic film. In the early part of the film, we watch Ali trying to adjust to city life again. The fantastic cinematography is cold and sterile really giving us a visual way of getting into the characters head. The shots are monotonous early on as well, except when he is with his daughter and wife. Its a slower paced film which could possibly lose 10-15 minutes, here or there, but every shot for the most part is gorgeous and has a purpose.

Michael R (au) wrote: 80's Action Goodness...

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Move Over, Darling is a decent film. It is about a missing wife who was thought long dead after five years lost at sea returns just after her husband remarries. Doris Day and James Garner give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Michael Gordon did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the humor and romance.

Stan D (kr) wrote: Starring the great Errol Flynn (who else?), with his usual sidekick, Alan Hale, and Vivica Lindfors. A clever, witty, entertaining drama in which Flynn saves the queen from an evil would-be usurper. At the end of the movie, his latest very young real life lover has a cameo, and then comes the great ending line.

Qi Z (ag) wrote: The premise is a tyrannic state devoid of emotion in order to achieve "peace". It takes off from Fahrenheit 451 to an absurdity in gun-fight. The performance is rigid to the level of cartoonish silliness.

Witt R (nl) wrote: Stupid, fun humor that culminates a lot of characters Kevin Smith has created over the years. It's not meant to be cinematic genius, but instead is meant to provide 2 hours of fun for viewers. I think everyone can enjoy the Mark Hamill lightsaber battle with Bluntman and Chronic at the climax of the movie hahaha. Well worth the watch if you've seen all of Kevin Smith's other movies as it brings all of his View Askew-niverse characters back together.

Frances H (it) wrote: A warm and moving film about all the forms of love and the heartbreak and happiness love can bring. A great cast tell divergent love stories that all come together in the end.