Have Mercy on Us All

Have Mercy on Us All

In Paris, many citizens go to the precinct after the doors of their apartments have been sprayed with a 4 and the letters "clt". When a dweller is found mysteriously dead in his apartment, Detective Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg and his partner Danglard investigate the case and discover that plague may have killed the victim. Meanwhile, in the center of Paris, the former actor Joss Le Guern survives reading advertisements in a square for the public; when he receives weird messages about an outbreak of plague that is coming to Paris, the former professor Hervé Decambrais requests the warnings and goes to the library to research the meaning of the text, where he meets Adamsberg. Together they find that a maniac is killing people using flees contaminated by rats and spreading the disease in the city; without any clue, the police force do not have how to avoid the panic in Paris.

A modern-day Parisian town crier gradually learns that someone is using him to give cryptic warnings of a plague outbreak in the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer K (nl) wrote: this is a brilliant premise, and it is very ambitious, and the choice of directors is very much improved from the first one. but yet again just like the first installment it's bogged down by terrible execution and a very uneven tone. ahowever, I liked this one considerably way more than the first ABC's Of Death. this one has a greater number of actually good shorts and less mediocre ones. the first one had about 3 or 4 actual good ones and the rest were just bad. this one has way more good ones than bad ones. here's what I thought of them all. I defiantly enjoyed this one way more than the first and as a horror fan I appreciated it quite a bit. The Good:ADJKMRSVXZ (the best)The Okay:BCHINOQTThe Bad:EFGLP (the worst)UWY

Bryan D (au) wrote: A very enjoyable film.

Anna B (es) wrote: I really liked the first half, very tense and involving. But the Edgertons clearly don't know how to raise stakes without invoking an absurd amount of (accidental) death and destruction. What logical human being read this script and came to the conclusion that the things this main character causes to happen are even remotely believable? It's entirely possible that the tragic ending will make you laugh out of disbelief, and that's really sad because it's an otherwise well-made movie.

Melissa G (kr) wrote: Not a bad horror movie. The little boy was so cute.

Guido S (es) wrote: Kim Basinger's son is taken hostage, and it is up to surfer Chris Evans to save him. She ends up calling him on a broken phone and dialing numbers until she reaches him. This is a really cheesy movie and the technology in this movie is incredibly dated so it really looks weird watching it now. Not very believable and just way too dumb to be enjoyable.

Kristina K (kr) wrote: It's funny and it has a lot of awesome boobs.

rocknblues 8 (fr) wrote: Didn't really work for me. It's a little lightweight by John Wayne standards and it's more cheesy than it is funny. Johnny Horton's song for the movie is actually way better than the movie it's self. I'm not a big John Wayne fan, so he is not enough to hold up the lightweight material for me.

Mark T (ca) wrote: the dialogue is the same as in Airplane except this movie was not a comesy

Catherine B (ru) wrote: Where are you from ? It is an amazing movie with an amazing cast and 2 of the greatest voices ever! To say it is Campy, Cliched and Bad, shows a lack of knowledge, taste and the ability to see inside of a story and how the audience can walk away feeling. This is one of the best Movies ever!

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It is not a good movie to watch

Ziv E (it) wrote: The most mean spirited movie I've ever seen.It looks nice, but has almost nothing else to offer aside from 1 character.Also, WHY DID LIAM NEESON AND WILL ARNETT PLAY IN THIS?!