Hawa Bodol

Hawa Bodol

The film moves around two old school friends,Jeet and Raj who coincidentally came across each after a quite a while. While Jeet, a associate in a big designer company, which he got from his dead father-in-law; Raj is a having difficulties musician in a group. Jeet and Raj was welcomed to a celebration of a non-Bengali business customer of Jeet, where Raj flirted with the businessman's daughter Inka.

The film moves around two old school friends, Jeet (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) and Raj (Rudranil Ghosh) who coincidentally came across each after a quite a while. While Jeet, a associate in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maria N (gb) wrote: The music and the locations though.

Victoria L (ru) wrote: Ignore the professional critics, Odd Thomas was simply wonderful.

Carlos P (kr) wrote: Some Twin Peaks, a little dash of 'Fargo', and a lot of Marilyn. In French. These are all good things.

Kevin B (gb) wrote: If Kennedy's aim was to expose or delve into the titular subject of heckling, it's tough to describe this film as anything but an absolute failure. Viewers begin by seeing what we've come to understand as actual heckling: The interruption of a live performance, forcing the performer and the audience to endure your interruption. We even hear from working comics about how they handle hecklers and the nature of heckling. So far, so good.But between the first reel and the remaining reels, it seems, Kennedy tries to justify his own godawful decisions by attacking internet posters and low-end critics, who have literally nothing to do with heckling.The problem with this is that they're not even close to the same thing: A film critic watches a film, goes home, writes about it, and readers can choose to ignore or read the article. The performance is in no way affected by the criticism, because the performance is long-over before the critic has a chance to even see it. Even the harshest of critics is, by nature of the function of film criticism, not a heckler. Unless Roger Ebert was on the set of "Kickin it Old Skool," telling Kennedy how bad a job he was doing, Kennedy's entire premise is predicated on a complete lie.It's the final reel of this film that reveals what Kennedy's actual beef is: Critics hated "Son of the Mask," so he sees them as hecklers in some fashion. But, in what can only be described as an act of cowardice, Kennedy opts only to grill those small-time internet critics who have no sway, boast few er than a hundred readers, and the angering of whom couldn't harm Kennedy's publicity in the future. He doesn't talk to Richard Roeper. He doesn't talk to Todd McCarthy of the Hollywood reporter, who also panned his recent choices en masse. He opts to talk to some internet troll.This film, quite dishonestly and in shamefully ham-fisted fashion, seeks to instill the notion in the audience that film critics are the same thing as internet trolls and performance-ruining hecklers, primarily because critics don't like Kennedy's work of the last 13 years.It's a kvetch, wrapped in a whine, entangled in a pity-party over Kennedy's own piss-poor choice of projects. As a huge fan of stand-up comedy and someone who takes a particular interest in heckler takedowns, I found it highly insulting not just to the intelligence of the audience, but to those comics who deal with actual hecklers on a day to day basis.

Kevin C (gb) wrote: I used to have this really weird compulsion to see every John Cusack movie, thanks to 'War, Inc.' I'm cured! Thanks 'War, Inc.'!

Dean S (nl) wrote: Mila being hot in some scenes was the only thing saving this movie.

Lucy W (br) wrote: An awsome film, brilliant and keeps you guessing for ages,

Michael H (ru) wrote: Interesting coincidence; Turturo starring in this movie about a security guard obsessed with investigating the murder of his wife in a parking garage just a year before he took on the role of the brother of a detective obsessed with investigating the murder of his wife in a parking garage in the "Monk" television series. "Fear X", as you might imagine, is a bit darker. It's a slow burning oblique paranoid thriller that doesn't resolve until the credits end (if then - it's still a bit uncertain on first viewing). Turturo is, naturally, brilliant. Refn is still finding his footing as a director, but it's pretty confident footing even in this, his third movie. And he just keeps getting better.

sorin c (ru) wrote: un film super adevaramerita sa il vedeti

Levonne P (ag) wrote: Merele Streep outdid herself on this. A very warm story of a music teacher, and her love for the violin, and her students. You CAN'T miss this one. Another real tear jearker!

Graeme H (de) wrote: Very quirky Aussie humour! Great movie soundtrack too!

Olly H (ru) wrote: ich mag den film immer nocht..und herr rourke sah da sogar noch wie herr rourke aus :)

Frank R (fr) wrote: the music makes this one creepy, but a interesting story and take on aliens.

Kurt A (br) wrote: The ozone layers causes Leslie Nielsen to become a power mad killer. Classic.

Dave R (jp) wrote: a pretty good 70s blaxploitation gangster movie. following the usually story arc of smalltime hood who makes it big and then loses it all. lots of references to earlier gangster movies and even "the godfather" can be seen on a movie theater marquee in the background.

Robert C (nl) wrote: Considering that this is a 1970s gay experimental film, I was surprised to find myself riveted all the way through. The imagination and command of visuals is masterful.

Steve D (ag) wrote: Great and kooky classic with everyone at their best

Sharon S (mx) wrote: Great suspense movie, very good cast.

Christopher E (fr) wrote: The pain on constantly saying wall-e is torture