"Hawking" is the extraordinary story of the planet’s most famous living scientist, told for the first time in his own words and by those closest to him. Made with unique access to Hawking’s private life, this is an intimate and moving journey into Stephen's world, both past and present. An inspirational portrait of an iconic figure, Hawking relates his incredible personal journey from boyhood under-achiever, to PhD genius, to being diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and given just two years to live. Despite the constant threat of death, Hawking manages to make many remarkable scientific discoveries and rises to fame and super-stardom. "Hawking" - a remarkable man, and a remarkable movie.

Hawking is the extraordinary story of the planet's most famous living scientist, told for the first time in his own words and by those closest to him. Made with unique access to Hawking's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (ru) wrote: Not really that funny--with a very lame plot and script. And I like Maz Jobrani.

JY S (ag) wrote: R-Point is a Korean film that is sort of a cross of the horror and war genres. Notice that I say "sort of" because director, Su-chang Kong, is going for an "antiwar" movie. This makes sense because the plot revolves around military soldiers, but not around them fighting a war.The plot is slow going because there isn't much action. The bulk of this 105 minute film is spent on buildup, with some back story, and a bunch of suspense. With the exception of a quick fire fight as the soldiers arrive at R-Point, there is nothing else really explosive in the way of action.The part of the film that most people may find disappointing is that most of it is pretty monotone. The scares aren't that many, at least in the earlier parts, and as I previously mentioned there is a lot of story buildup. This isn't a bad thing because you do get to see each soldier sort of transform before your very eyes as the paranormal element kicks in. Now, because of all the buildup, it just makes the "R-Point: Day 4" and "R-Point: Day 5" segments that much more satisfying.The violence and gore is a little on the bloody side, but I wouldn't say it is over the top. Does it need more of it? Maybe in the earlier parts of the film.The acting isn't too bad. The Korean soldiers are great to watch, especially when they start losing it. There are a few minutes where American soldiers appear on screen and they just stink it up. Seriously, they were just reading from the script. As usual, the American actors don't fit well in another Asian movie.While R-Point may not be the scariest of horrors, it does have a good enough story, albeit a bit confusing one, to make this a decent watch.

Punk Rock Cowboy (nl) wrote: Another Donnie Darko... prettymuch.

Tiina T (kr) wrote: Kerrankin komedia, jossa sai nauraa kunnolla :D

Donald D (au) wrote: Absolutely wonderful, beautiful film that deserves far more credit than it deserves. It is a tad long winded, occasionally melodramatic, but these short comings pale next to its exploration of humanity.

Ray J (it) wrote: I enjoyed this one; it was a real "picnic" of a winner. Nice story, music and the performances were top notch.

Ryan V (ca) wrote: Keaton is priceless in this good-natured comedy.

D371N 5 (it) wrote: Unfortunately this movie isn't as good as the last two films. The opening scene is awesome, but then the characters don't really have anything else to do for the rest of the movie when the get Han back. Then there is the ewoks taking down an army of fully armed stormed troopers which makes the storm troopers look even more pathetic. It's unfortunate but compared to Episode 5 this movie falls flat to me.

Anna Margarethe O (nl) wrote: Thrilling espionage film set in Shanghai in 1941. Well-directed, beautiful musical score & setting.

Zack F (ag) wrote: These Amazing Shadows never reveals much of anything new or vastly important and it jumps topics without much logical order, but it works greatly as love letter to film. The heartfelt interviews and clips make you feel the nostalgic love for cinema and its history.