A cavalry outpost in the Wild West of 19th Century USA is in need of horses. The captain of the outpost gets word that they're to receive a shipment of fine Arabians. What he gets is a ...

. . What he gets is a . The captain of the outpost gets word that they're to receive a shipment of fine Arabians. A cavalry outpost in the Wild West of 19th Century USA is in need of horses

Hawmps! is a movies torrent of William Bickley, Joe Camp, Michael Warren. This movie was introduced in 1976. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, for example James Hampton, Christopher Connelly, Slim Pickens, Denver Pyle, Gino Conforti, Mimi Maynard, Lee de Broux, Herb Vigran, Jesse Davis, Frank Inn, Larry Swartz, Mike Travis, Tiny Wells, Dick Drake, Henry Kendrick. The kind of movie are Western. This movie was rated by 5.2 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Adrian B (br)

"Rome, Open City" it's not! Not a great film for Rosselini nor lengendary actress, Ingrid Bergman. The scenery is at least nice to look at, but the premise and ending are relatively problematic. Much suffering throughout, but only a small satisfaction for the viewer. There, she is miserable and tries escape the island through a port on the opposite side of the island. Ingrid Bergman, a Lithuanian refugee, escapes an internment in the aftermath of World War II and marries an Italian, who takes her to Stromboli. Fairly depressing film

Catherine C (mx)

It's a beautifull film!!

Ceph J (ca)

The movie left me with a lasting feeling--I won't be planning on visiting Seoul soon. He keeps the camera at a distance from the characters when I was more interested in their motivations. The photography is so dark and menacing, it's more suitable to a thriller but this is a melodrama. I don't know if Leesong is bitter about conservative Korea because he doesn't showcase the locations well. The inexplicable attempted murder is lit so dark that you'll need to get an appointment with an optometrist. When Jaemin's mom tells him, "You can sleep with other men but you must get married"; it's less about homophobia than economic differences. ) Their relationship goes through various phases of obsession, lust, rejection, denial, manipulation, harassment, attempted murder. ( Young-hoo Lee is a charismatic actor who holds your attention. When he meets Lee Han "Jaemin" during a driving job, their destiny is sealed. Young-hoo Lee as "Sumin" is a poor teen trying to leave the orphanage and earn a living. I refuse to believe that the gay community cannot form a productive alliance. I presume he's saying that there's no happy life for gays in Seoul. I wish director & writer Hee-il Leesong had more to say than simply portray a "Romeo and Jules" gay story where both males suffer alot

Dean M (ru)

It bravely balances the aformentioned violence with scenes of wry humour and gentleness. In this film, pure of heart may not necessarily mean pure of deed, but at least evil is evil and good is good. A wonderful cast does memorable work, especially Sissy Spacek, Sam Shepard and Randy Quaid. Woodrow Call, and his final scene is at once heart breaking and resonating with strong quiet hope. James Garner made his magnificent performance as the role of Capt. This is the best and favourite Larry McMurtry western movie than the original Lonesome Dove

Frances G (kr)

This time in the Depression. Not Sirk's best film, but lots of camp, lots of Rock Hudson with a pouty face and, as usual, a seering critique of mid-America. Love it. She also does a parachute jump from a plane flown by Robert Stack and is wearing high heels. Dorothy Malone is fabulous in this film - especially her hair

Jamin M (us)

hile the book is of course better, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a sweet, funny little comedy. I think it's a nice little family movie. I think the film does manage to capture the humor of the book, with many hilarious moments. That was very nice. It did follow the story pretty well and it did capture the characters correctly, although I did find Greg to be a bit meaner in this movie, but I still like him, and I really liked it when he took the blame for eating the Cheese to save Rowley. So as a fan of the books, I actually think this movie is an okay adaptation. It's smart and hilarious. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is one of my favorite book series

Jhaneb K (gb)

Paresh Rawal deserves brownie points for this one!!!

Joseph N (de)

ach time u watch u will find something new!. . . One of my favorite movies

Karen H (jp)

but pretty good overall. 2016-02-12 synposis is wrong, he and James aren't trying to find it, James stole it

Kevin C (nl)

And in this Murdoch/Farage age i'll miss Comrade Ken. However it has a real charm, with engaging dance scenes as the jazz age finally reaches Ireland. It certainly ends abruptly, and there are several characters and relationships that are passed over lightly. And out of kilter it amuses at times, when the characters start reeling off Ken's political rhetoric in the script. But for a gritty kitchen sink director this is a bit Hovis ad. Don't get me wrong it still has the Ken staples of families evicted by ruthless landowners; class warfare; church corruption and domestic violence. If this is Loach's swansong, then an unusually cheerful way for one of the great post-war British directors to go