A college student returning home for Halloween is forced to face his childhood fears when an escaped killer takes refuge in his family's "Haunted Hayride".

When an escaped homicidal maniac, a local legend about a pitchfork-wielding serial killer and a Halloween haunted hayride converge, slasher fans are in for one hell of a treat. Steven Summers returns home to southern Alabama from college with his girlfriend to attend his Uncle';;s annual Haunted Hayride. Unaware that an escaped killer is on the loose, Steven will soon face the real life embodiment of PITCHFORK a character his uncle created for the hayride and Steven';;s childhood tormentor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hayride torrent reviews

Maeghan S (es) wrote: A must watch for every human

Lora R (ca) wrote: I really liked Payanam because it was totally different than the usual Kollywood/Tollywood movies.Payanam is about a plane hijacking incident and that is a theme which you rarely see in Tamil/Telugu movies.The movie had the action and the thrill. I also liked the cast a lot, I think that all of them did a good job. It's a pity that you don't get to see a lot of action from Nagarjuna though.Another good thing about this movie is that there are no songs, no love clichs and the typical fights.

Jenny Y (us) wrote: Didn't expect a love story!

Arthur N (br) wrote: life is fair to most of us , it's all about the choices we made

Mike J (mx) wrote: I actually enjoyed it. Sean William Scott is really funny, especially when he's not just Stifler all the time. He works great in action movies (Seethe RunDown). This one he lacks someone to play off of like The Rock but the film doesnt suffer too much.

Lionel L (kr) wrote: I don't get the bad reviews at all.This movie is magic to me. It feels like entering a dream.What's how this movie manages to surprise all of the time. All the time something unexpected happens and it's just a great movie.

Troy W (us) wrote: I wish I had my 99 minutes back.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Private U (nl) wrote: A great way to get you up-to speed on some of the classic 80's horror. Reminded me of a "best-of" collection. Ended up renting at one of those $1 local video store rental places a few years back on VHS (since I love 80's horror and this place had no cable) and was pleasantly suprised. Haven't seen in awhile though...wonder if it is on DVD yet???

Robert R (fr) wrote: A tragedy that Milus was not involved with this movie as he had some great ideas for a follow up to the first film. What we get instead is a film that sacrificed substance for a quick cash in. Watchable but preferably pass.

Chun W (jp) wrote: Classic wuxia style kung fu cinema with very creative weapons choregraphy. With Hk martial art cinema influentials Like Sammo Hung & Lau Kar Leung.It's worth noting that the film is very well shot and put together is it's one of those few actors played many different characters at once films. Where it's all down to doubles and clever camera work to keep the conitinuinty going.As Sammo plays the Sword master who teaches sword to a young Lau Kar Leung. While Lau also plays a spear master who trains a young sammo. And the choreography and camera work is very well put together for the second to finale fight scene with all 4 of the character battling.

Eddie J (fr) wrote: The acting and directing was good but that can go only so far to compensate for a weak story line. If they cut out the slow, hackneyed parts of this film it would be 15 minutes long instead of more than two hours.

Lars J (it) wrote: har to say what was the point with this- plot break down in several places.