Haz conmigo lo que quieras

Haz conmigo lo que quieras

Do all men want the same thing? Nestor, recently widowed, runs a bakery near Barcelona, has a bank account and a bad heart, and swims in the sea every day. He also has a daughter and a ...

Do all men want the same thing? Nestor, recently widowed, runs a bakery near Barcelona, has a bank account and a bad heart, and swims in the sea every day. He also has a daughter and a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erika K (gb) wrote: Not bad, it just... is.

Lindsay W (au) wrote: By no means a good movie, the Decoy Bride is a passable lazy weekend watch. Kelly Macdonald is, although somewhat grating, mostly an adorable lead that I was willing to passively root for.

Zach W (de) wrote: A bit over-sympathetic to Kolchak, but still a solid representation of a too often forgot event in history.

James J (de) wrote: Here's a quiet, subtle film that moves slowly, but is well-written, effectively demonstrating a personal story about how a family is affected after the loss of the member that held it together. Dialogue heavy but beautifully shot. Good stuff.

Vaibhav W (gb) wrote: A bit pretentious, a bit Japanese, kinda dull and a whole lot of moody, this movie meddles somewhere in between. This doesn't stand up to the director's previous film 'Last Life In The Universe'.

meebo m (br) wrote: one my friend from indonesia told me that she love south korian movie and when i show this move i agree that korean movies are really nice

Oj H (ca) wrote: It starts... and it ends. And that's about it.Out of all the characters, Micheal Caine, and Peebles, are the only likable ones. Lorraine Gary is annoying as fuck. The shark you only see for a few moments in the entire film... and everything in it is preposterous.The affects were so terrible, the direction was among the worst I've ever seen, and the editing was short and choppy. One of het worst movies you can watch. And worst of all... it was fucking boring. You'll end up sitting through it for the 90min, and wonder... what the fuck did I even watch. Absolutely nothing is memorable... except how annoying Lorraine Garry is.

Cee H (gb) wrote: The movie was released on Nov. 21, 1979. & they became the #1 independent movie of the world in the Spring of 1980.

Blackity B (kr) wrote: Another solid western, with an iconic performance by John Wayne. The second half of the movie wasn't as interesting as the first though. Would have liked a few more clashes with the Indians. But a great final charge scene.

Simon D (au) wrote: Not as bad as I was expecting but still too fantastic for my tastes.

HungYa L (it) wrote: Kevin Bacon is my favourite characters of Mystic River with Sean Penn the least of my favourite while undoubtedly, both of them along with Tim Robbins made a pretty great team working alongside one another. Mystic River has a winning story originally written by Dennis Lehane; however, if I must compare, I prefer Gone Baby Gone so much more.

Tina S (gb) wrote: Cowboys should not do ballet.

Jonathan M (ca) wrote: A great Sci fy movie for a younger audience that opens the door to a beautiful trilogy. Maze runner often reminds you of video games and the challenges to be in a maze . The actors , all unknown by myself are doing a fine job and you do beleive them ! However some characters were not properly introduced and you do not care who dies and what effect it really has on the group. Kind of reminds me of hunger games.Not a bad movie at all , looking forward to the sequels!

Melissa B (it) wrote: Oh man! This was the most horrible excuse for film I that has ever been in front of my face. What a horrid career ending massacre of a film.