He's Mine Not Yours

He's Mine Not Yours

Kent is ready to put his playboy past behind him and marry the girl he loves- but first, he has to prove he's changed his ways for good.

Kent is ready to put his playboy past behind him and marry the girl he loves- but first, he has to prove he's changed his ways for good. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna I (gb) wrote: Interesting doc on an interesting subject. I like her work, she does deserve to be known. I do think the pacing and structure of the doc is uneven though. Too dramatic for a story that's fairly straight forward after the initial wondering if who she is.

Walter M (it) wrote: Recently, Michael Moore, in his self-appointed role as commissioner of documentaries, gave a list of guidelines that documentary filmmakers should follow. One of them is to get in front of the camera. And with the documentary "The House I Live In," we can see where that might not always be such a good idea as in making a film about the failed drug war in the United States that affects so many poor and people of color, director Eugene Jarecki comes at it from the privileged point of view of his Connecticut family who employed a nanny for many years.So while that holds true, Jarecki does provide some keen insights here, especially as it relates to the draconian mandatory minimum sentences non-violent drug offenders face. And he benefits greatly from speaking to David Simon. But at the same time, there is a lot of material that is certainly not new(Bloom County or Bill Hicks, your choice). Plus, the documentary is now a little dated since marijuana has recently been legalized in Colorado and Washington while omitting other material like say about prohibition, which might clash with the movie's overall thesis about everything being racist and classist, ignoring the United States's long puritanical streak in favor of whatever conspiracy theories happen to come along.

Ellen G (mx) wrote: Hadde hpet p at denne skulle vre litt bedre. De skulle ha laget denne rett etter de andre. Rart se hvor gamle de var blitt. Musikken var nydelig. Kommer det en til mon tro?

Laura A (kr) wrote: Despite the fact I watched without English subtitles, enjoyed it anyway.

Brianmallgravehotmailcom B (es) wrote: Kim Basinger is good - the rest of the movie is completely monotonous.

Dr F P (kr) wrote: Y'know i really love Rick Moranis but this was just poor! I couldn't even watch the whole thing, the script was dismal. It was slow in pace, i just wanted my face to fall off.

John L (us) wrote: More like Forrest Lump of Shit! This movie is so dumb. You wanna watch a good Tom Hanks movie check out the Burbs or Turner and Hooch

Andrew S (br) wrote: Better than most movies about anthropomorphic pig aviators during the great depression...

Russell H (fr) wrote: This wasn't bad. Pretty intense. Good acting.