He's on My Mind

He's on My Mind

Elementary school teacher, Kayla King thought she had the perfect relationship, and after an impromptu wedding, Kayla discovers that not only is she the other women...she's the other wife. Devastated, Kayla vows to figure out "WHY MEN DO WHAT THEY DO", and is spontaneously imbued with the ability to intercept men's thoughts. That's when the fun begins. Kayla newfound ability will present her with more than she bargained for, both in her personal life and at work.

Elementary school teacher, Kayla King thought she had the perfect relationship, and after an impromptu wedding, Kayla discovers that not only is she the other women...she's the other wife. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elle G (au) wrote: This film bounced around but in the end it was ok.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Solid Die Hard-esque action though flawed--Tedious & Grim French Crime Drama!!

Johnson C (de) wrote: Eating up the last minute income......

Bill B (ca) wrote: Uneven horror film about a man losing his mind in the woods, haunted by ghosts of the previous owner and his wife.Maybe a rental if you don't have too high of a standard.

Jack L (ag) wrote: Fantastic documentary. The 2008 election and Barack Obama's connection to former Weather Undergrounder Bill Ayers made this movie jump out at me. I found it absolutely fascinating. The radical, violent terrorists who made up the WU were a crazy lot. So thoroughly believing in the rightness of their cause, and so believing they were the vanguards leading the populace into a revolution, they were obviously entirely out of step with the masses. There were plenty of injustices taking place in America in the 1960s, but there was a right way and a wrong way to address those grievances. And the WU went the wrong way. Terroristic violence is always the wrong way. The fascinating part was the tons of interview time with major players: Ayers, Rapp, Dohrn, and others. Maybe only Rudd now really gets how wrong they were. He has a new book out about the WU and the book is reviewed in both the WP and NYT. Worth reading.

Anna B (jp) wrote: Above average romantic comedy. The scenes in the hotel room are quite good, but the rest is pretty forgettable.

Minna S (br) wrote: Very interesting and once again well written characters who force the viewer to feel something. I had a lot of expectations and Seidl proved to be all and maybe more.

John B (jp) wrote: Not a very memorable film from Emma Thompson et al but it is one that reminds me about how lucscious she used to be. Yum Yum :)

Steven W (jp) wrote: Drew Barrymore's finest performance. She does such a stellar job.

Rick R (nl) wrote: Shogun (1980)I agree that this was the best TV mini-series ever made. I had several VHS tapes of it, from it's original broadcasts, but those are long gone. It has also been recently released on DVD. Based on James Clavell's 1,200+ page novel about a 16th century British/Dutch privateer being shipwrecked in Japan and loosely based on actual events in Japanese history. The mini-series was a collaboration of Japanese and American film makers.Ships pilot (navigator), John Blackthorne (Richard Chamberlain) and his men are captured by the Japanese. John has a talent for languages and is asked by the daimyo (nobleman), Lord Toranaga (Toshiro Mifune) to learn Japanese, especially when he finds that Blackthorne's Protestants are at war with the Spanish and Portuguese Catholics. Toranaga knows that he can get some insights into these foreign devils. Lord Toranaga has some problems of his own with a power struggle of daimyos vying for ultimate control, to be the most powerful general (below the emperor) in Japan. To become Shogun.The mini-series did a fairly good job of conveying the various factions and cultures, and how good or badly they related to each other.

Private U (es) wrote: The most underrated film ever.

Russ B (us) wrote: 7/26/2015: It was a nice movie, but the only great thing about it was Patton. Such an amazingly beautiful woman.

Carol L (us) wrote: Very cute, feel good fantasy film for believers. Heathens won't get it.

Paul M (jp) wrote: Still my favorites in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

Ryan V (es) wrote: Entertaining comedy where Peter O'Toole and Steve Guttenberg (the O'Toole of his generation?) lead a solid cast in a plot involving an Irish castle that has been turned into a fake haunted house turns out to be haunted. Haunted by Daryl Hannah and Liam Neeson no less.

Russ B (it) wrote: 8/23/2015: Meh. It was ok, but nothing all that funny or memorable.

Cheri S (us) wrote: I'm a sucker for romantic movies. No matter how many movies are made simliar to this one I never get tired of them.