He's Way More Famous Than You

He's Way More Famous Than You

When once-up-and-coming indie film starlet Halley Feiffer loses her boyfriend, her agent and her career in one fell swoop she finally realizes that something in her life has got to change... she has to become WAY MORE FAMOUS! Armed with a stolen script and two pitchers of sangria, Halley enlists the help of her brother Ryan and his boyfriend to make her own movie, starring herself (of course) as herself, and any A-list celebrity she can land along the way.

When an aspiring actress loses her support system in one fell swoop, she sets out with a stolen script, her brother, and his boyfriend to make a movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (br) wrote: Well it was just another dumb zombie movie that's for sure had a few funny moments hear and there over all its ok

thomas m (de) wrote: didnt sit through that much of it - unfair to comment

Vincent B (fr) wrote: I love really bad horror movies because they are fun to watch while drinking, but after the first 20 minutes, this movie crossed thresholds from so-bad-its-good to so-bad-its-painful-to-watch-why-am-I-still-watching-this-shit.

Robert S (jp) wrote: This movie is pure, unadulterated garbage.

Matthew B (kr) wrote: "I will be dying and so will you, and so will everyone here. That's what I want to explore. We're all hurtling towards death, yet here we are for the moment, alive. Each of us knowing we're going to die, each of us secretly believing we won't".? - Quote by CadenIn memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Synecdoche, New York will always be my favorite.

Tanya J (gb) wrote: A cinematic moment of greatness.

Just R (it) wrote: This one is funny , but not like the first one .

Ryan W (es) wrote: The film is very B-Grade but I must admit it was very entertaining

Arno N (ca) wrote: Fantastic film, in all details. Getting better every time I view it.

Chris N (ag) wrote: Some really great ass shots of Ginnifer Goodwin & Kate Hudson & a decent performance by the charming John Krasinski, but this has got to be one of the most annoying, unfunny, obnoxious romantic comedies in recent memory. Why can't there be more great romantic comedies out there?