He Stood at the Till

He Stood at the Till

U pokladny stál... is a Czech comedy film. It was released in 1939.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1939
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Deana P (ag) wrote: The truth about Christianity well done!

Jason M (de) wrote: They took the soul of what was Speed Racer and slapped it on film. I wish I would have watched it sooner.

Facebook U (fr) wrote: A pretty average children's flick that's not so bad.

Mark M (kr) wrote: Brilliant! Powerhouse performances and a touch of Greek tragedy ta boot. A story of the American dream and a film that portrays it's tragically flawed characters without a sense of taking sides and allows the viewer to make their own judgements & draw their own conclusions. The story is straight forward but you can't help but be drawn into the ever revealing flaws of all of it's characters driving relentlessly forward to it's tragic & dramatic conclusion. Jennifer Connely is truly mesmerizing in this film and along with Ben Kingsley and a stellar cast House of Sand & Fog delves into the lives of these flawed characters & takes us deep into this fascinating character study of the circumstance and the play of situations on the weaknesses of humans in a remarkably refreshing way. A very good film, one of my favourites.

Warren M (gb) wrote: With strong acting performances, inspiring stories, and a heavy focus on racial backgrounds and teamwork, Remember the Titans is a welcome addition into the football genre that mostly stays away from cliched conventions.

Brad F (jp) wrote: Intense, graphic, poignant and profound. A must see.

Stuart K (ca) wrote: An underseen and ever-so-slightly underrated black comedy from Mexican director Alfonso Arau. Set in the small town of El Nino, New Mexico, it has the townspeople discovering a severed hand which can apparantly perform miracles. But, the hand belongs...(read more) to Candy Cowley (Sharon Stone), a wife apparantly murdered in a jealous rage by her husband Tex (Woody Allen), who lives across the border in Texas. The film is certainly not as bad as what people claim it is, (Woody is miscast), but it's a film which owes a debt to Hitchcock's The Trouble With Harry. Plus, it has a brilliant supporting cast including Kiefer Sutherland, David Schwimmer, Cheech Marin, Lou Diamond Phillips and Elliot Gould. Plus, it's beautiful, colour-drenched cinematography by Vittorio Storaro makes up for alot of the film's faults.

Freddie K (ca) wrote: " I am going to be the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler"Of course, this romp never hits the same kind of fresh, grimey and realistic marks as Borat did, but for a second, albeit a slightly less authentic attempt, this is miles better than 'just fine'. Bruno does focus more on gay stereotypes than it does the modelling agency, but with that comes more windows on exposure of self-absorbed real life bigoted people. What you see on screen, a man licking the hairy ginger nipples off another man is somehow less shocking than the reaction from the crowd. It's a very certain type of comedy that Sacha Baron Cohen produces and it is as intriguing as it is gut bustlingly hysterical. When I was not laughing my arse off, I was merely giggling and smiling, allowing a space of breath between each hilarious moment that makes sure to get you each time. Considerably clever.B+78/100

Jocey D (kr) wrote: I very much enjoyed the gentleness and sensitivity of this movie's story. Jodie Foster's performance is brilliant. It just shows that good, sincere friends can help you blossom and enjoy life.

bill s (fr) wrote: This film tries hard but a romantic comedy without a soul is hard to watch.

Jonny P (es) wrote: Hackman's acting is masterful (as always) in this true story about a soldier trapped behind enemy lines. As he hides in close quarters with the enemy, his emotions are raw (particularly as he reacts to his first confrontation). The interaction between Hackman and Glover is heartfelt and sincere. The guns, helicopters, and explosions are cool but the real reason to watch this movie is for the acting.

rick r (br) wrote: Last night I actually came across a classic B film that I had never seen so I sat down to watch "Beast From Haunted Cave". The picture was directed by Monte Hellman. The same man who went on later to film the straight to video slasher flick "Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!" in 1989. This movie which was shot in South Dakota seemed a bit more risky in its choice of dialog than your typical 50's horror story. So right away I gave this picture a little more respect than I normally would. "Beast From Haunted Cave" tells the story of bank robbers fleeing in the snow who run afoul of a giant spider that feeds on humans.As for the character relations for "Beast" my opinion is much the same as my opinion toward any 50's films. I just don't get that people related to one another in such offensive and atypical repertoire. I guess the lack of modern technologies and information we now have really stunted people emotionally in prior generations. I am not sure what it is but even though I like a lot of old black & white movies I never quite comprehend peoples single pointed view of one another in the dialogue. It is just part of the culture gap thing, I guess.Anyway despite my ignorance of the 50's mentality I still enjoyed the fact that this movie was pretty progressive in its subject matter when it came time to display loose morals and wild behavior of the characters. Drinking at ten in the morning, premarital sex, and lude conduct, as much as the censors would have aloud in your 1953's cinema was ahead of it's time and showed the first signs of your now classic set up for creature features. There is the group of wayward souls set out in unknown territory, up to no good. Then you have the local legend, attention to animal attacks, followed by the reveal of the true monster plaguing the land.In "Beast From Haunted Cave" there is actually only one hint as to why this creature existed. Mining in the region had unearth some prehistoric creation. This is the only hint as to how the creature came to be that I could tell. It was also the only mention as to industrialism expanding into nature and the consequences' that could result. This film managed not to be arrogantly preachy. It was just your basic drive-in monster movie. I love it when movies just play out the story with out spelling out the set up or true intent of the picture. This was one of the first classic stories that felt like it was meant purely for entertainment.The story is a good simple one that just start, as if the story is already being told and we just peeked in during the crucial moments of these peoples lives. It was not over acted, well by 50's standards the melodrama was down played. The monster stays in the shadows except during crucial moments, so the fact that the creature looks cheap is excusable. It is a cool classic b-movie that I had never seen and I actually enjoyed it.

David W (ca) wrote: At least the Smurfs look like the Smurfs