Head Over Heels 2

Head Over Heels 2

Alice owns a network of sex shops and workaholic who, in trying to reconcile the harsh routine of work and family life, suffers nervous breakdown, she is forced by her husband to go to spa. Precisely at this time, appears unique opportunity to expand its business in New York. Using fun gimmicks, risks his health, leaves spa party there with family to ride, but actually in order to facilitate their professional interests. In trying to reconcile the agendas, engage in hilarious situations and mistakes that culminate in the possible separation of the couple.

Alice owns a sex shop and travels to New York to open a new business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Head Over Heels 2 torrent reviews

Scott C (gb) wrote: Good performances and somewhat insightful, but a little lacking in dramatic conflict.

Jon C (ag) wrote: wouldnt call it a sequel entirely it goes right for the throat immediately yes it has the same stuff from the last movie; steamy sex scenes and a surprising plot twist alot of the story elements get out of hand alot this time why the heck they decided to throw the prologue at the end I'll never understand and yep I dont believe for a split-second that these girls are in high school love Susan Ward's sexyness despite her and the other actors being given silly lines to read still it's a passable straight-to-DVD flick if not better than the original

Joshua D (nl) wrote: not a fan of the franchise

Terrance E (it) wrote: An interesting and witty dissection of gay relationships and lives, told over the course of one summer.

Jeff S (fr) wrote: Overlong and mostly boring but Robert Downey Jr. gives one of his best performances

Mark B (kr) wrote: Brilliant acting, Rebecca's character has manipulation down to a tee

Alejandro O (gb) wrote: Colores calidos que familiarizan con el sentimiento apocalptico que se vive en una Francia futurista desconsertante, donde hasta los monos pueden ser un platillo. La comedia? Vigente con el estilo euro cinema impregnado en la obra, un lugar donde el ms minmo rincn tiene la capacidad de denominarse "arte",

Colm M (kr) wrote: Heartbreaking hard hitting dose of realism from Brazil. The final scene reminds us that these are children we are watching and it really drills home the suffering that the kids endure and survive in the only way they can.

ToeKnee G (kr) wrote: this movie was hilarious!!! it was supposed to b scary but i thought it was pretty funny. the acting was pretty bad n so was the plot but i luved it...sum of the actors were hott...so thats a plus. they only had 1 song n 1 music video..that was funny...

scott g (ca) wrote: A very simple but quite silly premise. 2 couples travelling through Texas in a RV one night witness a cult and a sacrifice. but the cult see that they have seen and chase them, once escaped. they feel anywhere they go they are being watched. possibly the cult and nobody can be trusted. all this climaxes in a great road chase which did come off ecxiting. why this cult would go this way is the silly part and im sure there be easier ways but it works for the film. a great 70s feel adding a lot also certainly a sign of its time.

Jason P (au) wrote: This film took 12 years to make (Thats a serious commitment) and the directors daughter has a lead role- aging in the film (for real). Not many directors other than Richard Linklater would get away with a theatrical release with such an extremely slow film (nevertheless every minute of this film impeccably reflects reality for reality's sake), and if you do not have children I would bet that this film would bore you to death. However, if you do have children, especially around the ages of 14-18 this film might surprise you and win you over past its half way point (and its a long one). I think Linklater has a thing with enforcing his female leads to gain weight during the process? (where as David Lynch just says, well you will have to be naked). Linklaters films show evidence to back this up. I can not speak for my 17 year old son's generation but I feel this film nailed it to a tee, and that is no easy task. As subtle as subtle can get, but meaningful and asking some very good questions. Linklater puts hope and optimism on the table for our children.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Coal Miner's Daughter is an amazing film. It is about legendary country singer, Loretta Lynn. Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones give incredible performances. The screenplay is well written. Michael Apted did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the music and drama. Coal Miner's Daughter is a must see.

Matthew S (kr) wrote: A less good version of Before Sunrise. Not bad, but not memorable like that movie is.

Tom M (ru) wrote: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies might not be as wacky and fun as the title suggests but it does not manage to be dumb or boring.