Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

Ordinary single girl Amanda Pierce (Monica Potter) unexpectedly finds herself sharing an awesome Manhattan apartment with four sexy supermodels. Determined to bring Amanda into their world, the models give her the ultimate makeover. The plan works fabulously as Amanda connects with next door charmer Jim Winston (Freddie Prinze, Jr.). That is, until one night...

Although she has an excellent job and a fabulous apartment, Amanda Pierce remains unlucky in love and intent on finding the right guy. Therefore, she is still attracted to a man despite her thinking she's seen him kill someone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew F (de) wrote: I wasn't expecting much, and that's what I got, a truly awful film. Toilet humour without the humour. If you're a teenage boy looking for breasts, this is the film for you, if you're looking for a comedy avoid!

Alonso A (nl) wrote: Some funny moments, but with that cast you'll expect a lot more.Entertaining, but not near his best work. like Tom Long said: ''It's minor Woody, but still Woody''

Steve B (gb) wrote: Reminds me of Very Bad Things by way of Suicide Kings. Good, suspenseful fun.

Alexander Z (ca) wrote: Gere is at his best playing affluent, charismatic, slightly villainous characters, and here is no different.

Jeffrey M (au) wrote: Day of the Falcon is one of the stranger period pieces in the past few years. It's a movie that is bad, interesting, dull, exciting, smart, and dumb. It's the cinematic definition of a mixed bag.Perhaps the greatest testament the film offers as to being a mixed bag is the acting. Antonio Banderas is not good. The protagonist toward the mid to late acts, Tahar Rahim, is serviceable, but not good. The other supporting cast are likewise serviceable, with Mark Strong being the only one of distinction. With his performance, the level of engagement he brings, we see what the film should have been.The actual composition of the film is impressive. It looks great, with fantastic world building, amazing cinematography, and conveying a realistic sense of early 20th century Saudi Arabia.The film's script is ambitious, encompassing a narrative with great ambitions. It does succeed in offering an interesting history of the time, from a uncharacteristically positive view of Islam and the Saudi powers. It achieves this, however, with often stilted dialogue, forced plot mechanisms, and a lack of nuance. The characters too often spell out what they are thinking, and, even with the film's positive depiction, they seem hypocritical and profoundly narrow and illogical in their mindset, which the film fails to acknowledge.The pace of the film starts of almost unbearably slow, with set-up that is unnecessary, unfocused, and all over the map as far as tone. That the film picks up considerable steam about the mid way point is its saving grace, becoming very engaging after that point.Overall, Day of the Falcon does enough right to warrant a watch for those fans of period pieces and history (perhaps not so much from an accuracy standpoint), but one that certainly does not live up to the lofty goals it sets for itself.3/5 Stars

Keith L (ag) wrote: I'm a fan of David Lynch and his 'strange' movies, even Eraserhead, but this movie makes NO sense!

Salman G (jp) wrote: By far, mediocre Hrithik's worst film..

Denise W (mx) wrote: it's so sad.....but......

armand e (br) wrote: hmmm... keitel & hutton... should be good!

James Z (nl) wrote: neeson is too old to play the real-life collins, but the film overall is skilfully made. the script finds a balance between collins as a man and the sedition.

george m (br) wrote: I gave it 5% because I think a 6 year old kid might like it. This is really really bad. What can you say about a Dinosaur Character (Theodore Rex, aka T-Rex) from a failed 1990's TV series and Whoopi, as buddy cops. Whoopi's acting is robotic (not intentionally) and she is squeezed into a skin tight uniform that is just scary. They are buddy cops and T-rex is a mess-up. Whoopi is the serious "cop" and she delivers lines to T-Rex like "Get your tail down her". He really has a tail! There is really nothing to recommend it. It is right up there with any of the worst moves of all time. The only thing that saves it, I seriously think a 6 yr old would like it, but this 1996 movie. Since than we have had great kids movies with fantastic animation. This looks very dated and sad. Of course this was made by adults for adults. Now that is funny. The acting, writing, directing, production is all bad bad bad. The T-Rex character is cute for about 2 minutes, just like it was on the 1991 TV show "Dinosaur" (how creative). How the TV show lasted more than one session I can't image. Any way I don't do drugs or drink, but I think you'd have to be really high to even sit more than 5 min to watch this movie.

Kent M (de) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this. I didn't know there was a Hitchcock film I hadn't seen.

Parker R (gb) wrote: Although I'm not familiar with Shakespeare's "The Tempest", this film still features top notch special effects, an intelligent script, and boasts an extraordinary amount of imagination. Forbidden Planet is a rare jewel of its time, and a fun venture into pure science fiction.