In Yugoslavia's Livada prison in 1970, inmates led by Keber convince reluctant authorities to let them watch the televised Olympic final basketball game between the home country and the U.S., but taunting guards interrupt the viewing and prod the prisoners to the point of a riot. After a period of a kind of blissful anarchy where the inmates taste freedom, Keber enlists the house "intellectual" Mrak to devise a system of prisoner self-government aimed at forcing reforms on the state.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Slovenian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Headnoise torrent reviews

Alex H (br) wrote: Seeing Ricky Gervais make this movie happen is as sad as watching David Brent trying to get his band and tour up and running. I love the original UK Office and the trailer did intrigue me (namely the "Squirt" joke) but Brent's jump to the big screen is flawed and misguided much like his own persona. Firstly, the cringe and humour feels far too forced and lacks a level of realism which made the original run of The Office so memorable and special. Certain set ups like when Brent gets a tattoo made me howl but others made me wince with embarrassment but not for the character of Brent but for Gervais himself as the star and director. Secondly, the film isn't shot and doesn't look like a documentary would be filmed, again, another quirk the series originally had which added to the brash sometimes unpredictable nature of the humour. Thirdly, as with all TV shows/TV characters who transition to movies there ALWAYS has to be a reason the film will be projected and shown in cinemas. This is not the case with Life on The Road where the film see's more at home as TV special that'd be aired during Children in Need or Red Nose Day due to it's lack of visual cinematic set pieces. The cast do as best as they can given the material but even the script feels very undercooked and is truly missing the hand of Stephen Merchant to add some influence to the uneven flow. For my money Brent's foray into music was always his least interesting and amusing aspect of his character but the overall moral of the story and The Office's trademark ever present poignancy saves the film from being a total mess if not for the heavily convenient third act. Hopefully Gervais will let the character be now and get over him in the way the public in Life on the Road have forgotten about him (if not with a little fondness).

Ronald W (de) wrote: Simple straight forward drama, told in an amazing way

George M (mx) wrote: Considering this is about six hot nurses in an illegal organ trade, there was huge potential from the start. However, it lost it all. I didn't even bother finishing this; half an hour in, I felt like the film had reached it's pathetic climax already. You can forget about character personality: there is none. Every one of the nurses has the same, childish, "I want to be perfect and get a husband" attitude to life. And I was watching this subbed, and don't speak Taiwanese, but I'm 90% sure they all had similar voices. Just don't watch this film. You've been warned.

Bengel W (nl) wrote: Fine music sets the tone in the opening scenes and continues throughout the film. The acting is superb making you believe in the story that is just a story. As the film opens up the true dilemma is confrontational and very sad and realistic. Get your tissues ready as the melancholy and truth reveal themselves. A film of this financial period and history that many will relate to. Nibbles: Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes.

Alex C (us) wrote: i don't get it, but it's beautiful.

Jequita A (es) wrote: I thought this was the most boring movie ever. The beginning was okay, but after that, shut it off.

Russell H (fr) wrote: not bad, pretty intense. looks more like the 90s than the 80s as far as how they dress and talk.

Teesha R (au) wrote: i love dis movie so much especiallly da band....dey played my song ooh child n it waz ovadis is a good movie n it teach us about every dat life situations

Robert R (au) wrote: Woody Allen and all his neuroses fit perfectly within the dystopic landscape he's crafted in "Sleeper," a chuckle-filled farce with visual and verbal gags galore.

Jason B (es) wrote: Memorable, quotable, inadvertent comedy genius at work.

Jani H (us) wrote: mmm, Ryan je tady moc mladej.. a na pte?n podve?er, pon?kud sloit film.. podruh bych asi vst?ebala vc..