A hitman named Tul is shot in the head during an assignment. When he wakes up from a two month coma Tul discovers that he literally sees everything upside down.

A cop who becomes a hitman for a group aimed at eliminating those who are above the law finds his world turned upside down by a single a devastating blow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Headshot torrent reviews

Iain B (br) wrote: awful awful awful. Kevin smith should stick to comedy

GM W (gb) wrote: Barbet Schroeder, did a good job of creating a rememberable psychopath out of Jennifer Jason Leigh

Matt L (it) wrote: I started dressing like the Cos after I saw this movie. Nobody was cooler. I had that same poster hanging on my wall too.

Jb D (gb) wrote: Seen it as a kid but can't remember much of it going to watch it again though

Adam K (nl) wrote: Man, this is a weird movie. It reminds me how limited our ideas about what movies should be like has become, oddly (maybe that's wrong but seems that way). It's like watching a movie from the Ediacaran. Its approach to storytelling is over-the-top and exuberant and infectious. It does dance readily towards and often across a line - the cacophanous score is a quite appropriate fit for the movie's indulgent, orgiastic climax scenes. But despite being heightened to absurdity in its staging and plotting and delivery, it manages to be a remarkably affecting character portrait tragedy. Oliver Reed's character's benevolent, sympathetic megalomania both anchors the movie in place as a story and mirrors/justifies its excesses.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Both Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow were so embarrassed by the film that they swore a pact to track down and destroy every copy. After watching this film, I can see why. An 80s sex comedy, it's a pretty bottom of the barrel affair. The film could generously be called a bedroom farce, but it's really it's a crass excuse for lots of nudity. Besides Depp and Morrow, Hector Elizondo also finds himself slumming it in this garbage as a jewel theif called "The Maestro." I will say the film at least doesn't really have any pretense to it and the opening credit sequence perfectly captures the tone of this entire film; which had lots of boobs, butts, and horny teens and hits to the groin. Ace cinematographer Adam Greenberg ("Terminator 2," "Near Dark," "Ghost") also slummed it in this dreck. One star for the novelty of seeing huge star power in utterly crass garbage.

Greg W (de) wrote: not 'pillow talk' but the all star cast keeps this one going

Garret I (us) wrote: Very interesting and unfortunately, very realistic